High School student with very low GPA, wondering what my chances at Beloit are.

My GPA is very bad. Less than 3. I am wondering If I have any chance, I have a SAT of 1490. I haven’t done any official extra-curriculars, but I am working on some other stuff, that might make some consider me an “interesting person.” I will be interviewing at Beloit, and attending a tour.

So, what are my chances of getting in? I am just a bit worried, I would really like to attend this school.

Hi @bentonk…yes, it’s unfortunately true that your GPA is below average for Beloit, and academic performance in your HS classes carries much more weight than test scores or ECs. That being said, are you a junior? That means you have some time to pull up your grades. Do you think you can work hard enough to get a 3.0 or more? You said below a 3.0 but not by how much. It can’t hurt to apply if you love the school, and if you’re able to show a strong upward trend you never know. Are you taking rigorous courses?

Good luck!

You know what? I would apply! My daughter had a rough couple of semesters and a late dx (I mean REALLY late) learning disability…she applied anyway and was accepted. She is just beyond thrilled. The extra stuff you are working on should be interesting to YOU and believe me, when you follow what interests you, opportunities will follow. Don’t count yourself out hon…Btw she interviewed and toured also.

My son, who graduated from Beloit several years ago, struggled in math throughout his time at a private HS (due to learning differences). It was a weakness that pulled down his GPA. The Beloit Admissions rep requested, through his counselor, to talk directly to my son about his struggles in math, how he planned to mitigate the weakness for certain requirements in his intended major, etc. His time at Beloit was transformational and we were floored by the personal interest they took in the admissions process–and throughout his time there. In sum, I would recommend applying, making personal contact with your rep, showing interest in the process, and letting Beloit know you want Beloit. This school is amazing, so don’t give up!