High School transcript and GPA for Transfer

When you apply as a transfer, are your senior grades counted into your high school gpa? I know it isn’t for freshman applicants since they apply before finishing senior year. Also is the order of importance senior, junior, sophomore, and freshman year when colleges look at your transcript?

In transfer, they will look at all your 4 year HS GPA.

^No, not always.

If you apply into the UC system, they don’t ask for HS grades or ACT/SAT at all.

I know they look at 4 years of high school. I was just wondering if the importance varied. it would make sense that senior and junior years are weighted more heavily than soph or freshman years.

Each place sets its own policy about this. Some won’t look at any high school records if you have completed a full year of college credits. Others will want your high school records even if you have two (or more) years of college credits.

However, it is perfectly OK for you to ask the Transfer Admissions offices about this. Don’t be afraid to do that.