High School Transcript

<p>Do we have to send those out after this semester?</p>

<p>yes it is. ALL transcripts including h.s.</p>

<p>It's my understanding that not all UCs require them, including Los Angeles.</p>

<p>I don't think High School transcripts are required unless you are using the two years of foreign language taken in high school to fulfill the IGETC requirements.</p>

<p>^^ are you guys sure we don't have to? this is bothering me cuz I went to two different highschools.</p>

<p>@karma Your CCC is the one who IGETC certifies you. Your CC should have your hs transcripts by now; apply for certification when you get final spring grades.</p>

<p>I think uc's require your high school transcripts as proof you received a diploma. So, even if you went to two different high schools you would only have to submit the one you got your diploma from. That's if they even ask for it when they accept you.</p>


<p>That doesn't mean I have to go to my old high school and request an "official" transcript right? My community college recognizes that I received my diploma through a photo copy of my transcript so would that be enough for the UC's as well?</p>

<p>hmm that is interesting @karma. My CC didn't even want to see any proof of my graduation. But yes, my counselor said that I must go to my hs and request an official transcript for IGETC (my college had no other record from my hs). Luckily I emailed the hs registrar and she sent them to my CC w/o me having to go there (3$ fee was also waived!). So,will your CC certify you based on a hs transcript that didnt come sealed from the registrar? hard to say</p>

<p>Your high school transcript is complementing the IGETC through the 2 years of foreign languages in high school. In my case, all my IGETC courses were completed at the college so my high school transcript won't be needed for that. So considering that my college recognizes my high school transcript, would the UC's as well? The only reason I can think of the UC's would want the transcript is proof of graduation. </p>

<p>So then when the UC's ask for my high school transcript...if they ask, then would I have to go directly to my high school and ask them for another official transcript to send to the UC? I'd like to think that my community college's recognition would be enough.</p>

<p>Well I'm doing the language requirement at my cc, but my cc didn't ask for confirmation that I graduated from hs either. Will they ask for it when I apply for IGETC certification? Will Uc's accept unopened transcripts from my hs if I deliver it to them in person? Or does my hs have to mail it to them directly?</p>

<p>I was under the impression you do need to submit hs transcripts. Maybe each campus is different, but I thought all UC's require your hs transcript. </p>

<p>source: Undergraduate</a> Admissions: FAQ by Topic
Question: Do transfer students need to submit their high school transcripts? </p>

Yes, transfer students are required to submit high school transcripts.</p>

<p>Someone find a link to a UC that says they are not required for transfer students.</p>

<p>It says that photocopies of the transcript are sufficient if you went to a school overseas. Would a photocopy suffice as an official transcript?</p>

<p>@shibrang yeah I would never trust my high school with something like this</p>

<p>when should I request my transcript? and I received an official transcript from the school I graduated from before and I opened it just to check it out and it said I had received my diploma but it also said I only had 60 credits. was that a mistake or should I request both transcripts from both highschools I attended so all credits will show?</p>

<p>No. They would still require an official transcript from your h.s. </p>

<p>Do what I did, order 2 sealed copies to send yourself. Give one to your C.C. (they might need it to get you IGETC certified, college classes in h.s., etc) and keep the other one till you get accepted and send it to the UC you will be attending. </p>

<p>That way you will be safe. Took me about a month and a half to get mine from Florida so I am glad I got it out of the way. </p>

<p>Also, look on your UC id # web pages, it will show you the list of documents that they will require from you to finish your application after you have been granted acceptance.</p>

<p>Well that's bloody annoying. But thank you Lookin4ward. That's a prudent decision to keep those documents ready instead of rushing at the last minute. I'll do that today. By the way, did you email the registrar from your school in Florida to get your transcript? And was there any payment involved?</p>

<p>once again false. That's why you should look up information pertaining to your particular situation. </p>

<p>Link to UCSB:
<a href="https://www.admissions.ucsb.edu/admitted/stepstoenrollment.asp?subsection=12%5B/url%5D"&gt;https://www.admissions.ucsb.edu/admitted/stepstoenrollment.asp?subsection=12&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>hs transcript not required IF you are IGETC certified from your transferring cc. </p>

<p>So you need your h.s. if you are not IGETC certified. That is just THIS SCHOOL's requirements. </p>

<p>Be sure to check. Once admitted to a UC, there will be a list of documents on their website telling you everything that you need to submit.</p>

<p>Each school is different. Plus I graduated h.s. over 10 years ago lol. </p>

<p>Just google how to get high school transcripts from your high school. For my district, after a certain amount of time after you graduated, ALL academic records are centrally stored somewhere in the city or county. You can go in person or do it through snail mail. </p>

<p>Basically I downloaded the form, filled it out, photocopied my id front and back, included a money order for 4 dollars (2 bucks a piece) and sent everything in. Just make sure you request sealed. </p>

<p>If you graduated recently and walk in to do it, I am pretty sure they will just get you a copy right then and there while you wait. (I am assuming). Once you find out where to request it, give em a call and find out.</p>

<p>Once again each campus is different. Find out how to get your transcripts just in case. </p>

<p>Better safe than sorry.</p>

<p>Technically you would have to get both.</p>