High School Transcripts

<p>Hello everyone,
I have applied to University of Wisconsin Madison and completed my application on February 3rd today. I have done all the requirements however since I am not clear on where to submit my high school transcript, I haven't sent it yet. On the website it says to officially send it to the admissions council, but what does this really mean? by mail or by online? i really don't understand and neither does my college counselor. so to all students who have applied or know about this, can you please tell me what i should do from this stage. And secondly, am i screwed for not handing in my High School Transcript on the third?? Thank you.</p>

<p>bump… this is actually very important for me so please reply people…</p>

<p>My son’s school used an automatic, online service, Docufide, so he just had to complete the online request to have his transcript sent to specific schools, including UW. If your school does not use a similar online system, then how does your counselor usually submit transcripts? UW doesn’t seem to be requiring anything different. </p>

<p>Looking at the UW admissions page, it says applications received – and completed within a reasonble time – will be processed etc. So, it seems that, as long as your application was submitted by Feb 3, with the required additional matierals such as transcripts and test scores, submitted within a reasonable time thereafter, your application is on time. </p>

<p>Perhaps you or your counselor could email your admissions rep for your region if there are specific questions you have. </p>

<p>My son applied a week or so ago (early for once, for him, given how much he likes it). But his counselor sent grades in before break so ‘it wouldn’t all be a rush at the end’ and those were progress report grades not actuals. He got a B in one class on a progress report but brought it back up to an A by the end of term grade. He needs that, because his early gpa wasn’t stellar. She is now waiting to upload the final grades until she gets around to redoing the class ranking. So I sure HOPE they don’t hold the school actions against the student!</p>

<p>Thank you very much everyone, but does anyone know what you would do if you are not listed in servers such as Docufide? Thank you and very much appreciated. </p>

<p>My school physically mailed the transcript/school report. It took a long time to get there, but it was fine. Just make sure that if you do that, your counselor puts your campus ID# on it; it will save the admissions people time when trying to match it up with the application. </p>