High school with few UC honors classes

My daughter goes to a high school that offers very few UC honors classes (basically just English and math). Will this make it harder for her to get accepted to a UC? Is there anything she can do to make up for the high school offering very limited number of UC honors classes (even perhaps changing high schools)?

If you are instate for California, the regional UC representatives are very familiar with the high schools in their districts.

Having worked at a high school, I know that some students feel very uncomfortable and self conscious with a change in schools. Don’t do this to your child unless she asked to change schools. With everything being virtual online anyway she could probably take courses from other schools in your area. Make sure you speak to her high school counselor.

If there is a local CC in your area, you could have her take a summer class. Check with the high school advisor because, as a minor, there may be some paperwork requirements from the high school to the CC.

I forgot to mention that my daughter is a high school freshman.

I would also lookup your HS and see how many kids are accepted to UC. That may help you assess how you want to move forward with her classes (Additional UC Scout, Dual Enrollment are always options to supplement strength of schedule)

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@DavidKinSac unless she asked to change school, please don’t make her move school. High school aged kids have a ton to deal with from a self-esteem to support system. Unless she’s in danger at school, it is never worth it to disrupt her support system. I’ve seen too many kids, especially girls deal with this, not only in my own personal life but also in research.

If your school doesn’t offer a ton—go to the UC website to look up a-g courses by your school. UC will know what is offered at your school. The school report counselors submit will list how many AP and honors classes are available at your school. In fact, ask your counselor where kids get into from the school, too. I think kids at schools with a ton of AP who only take 2 AP classes will get punished bs kids who are at schools that only offer two AP who took 2. If I’m a parent, I’m picking one with less mental stress on my kid and then see if I could add some community college options to the list once she’s 16. I think some CC have age requirements, so check with your local CC. If she has any intention of going to medical school, just know that CC courses taken in high school all get reported and count towards her GPA when she applied to med school.