High School

<p>so i'm a sophomore in high school and i have a gpa of 3.76 and i want to know the best classes to take. Thanks in advance</p>

<p>Duke strongly wants you to take the most academically rigorous courses offered by your high school; failure to do so clearly is a substantial competitive disadvantage in the admissions process. </p>

<p>well i am taking all honors classes right now i cant take AP until next year which i plan to do.</p>

<p>Good, that’s a solid plan, but PERFORMANCE is crucial. </p>

<p>right, thank you</p>

<p>Is it better to even get Bs on rigorous courses than As on easy ones? Getting Bs means lower UW GPA? Duke looks at UW GPA or W GPA? Does it hurt to get couple of Bs at high school with rigorous courses?</p>



<p>It’s better to get As in rigorous courses. Duke evaluates a candidate’s coursework rigor/curriculum as one category and then how they performed academically (i.e. grades) in another category. In other words, they look at UW GPA in the context of what your selected courses are. With Duke getting 30,000+ applicants for 1,700 spots, they can be very picky and if you have a shortcoming in one of those two areas, an acceptance will be an uphill battle. Two Bs total in high school taking the most rigorous curriculum available, however, is not something to fret over. Having a “B” average, however, would be.</p>

<p>sorry to intrude onto ur thread, but i am also a freshman. would it be okay to get A’s on AP courses, math, etc, but get a B in another course? i know it is not preferable, but im afraid i am a borderline student when it comes to english this year because my teacher really hates me :-* not surprising. ive never gotten a B in english before though. My reading comprehension is good (multiple choice), but my writing is horrible even though i spend about .75 hours for every ten points the assignment is worth (no less than 2 hours though), should i stay in this english class or transfer out because i really cant deal with one teacher who denies the existence of adjectives, another who hates me because i am a late transfer in a large class, etc. </p>

<p>so if i had a B in a rigorous course and an A in regular the A in the regular would look better?</p>

<p>I second @bluedog’s wise opinion: having a couple of B’s in a heavy-duty AP courseload is not a big deal. However having a B average across this would indicate that you would have trouble keeping up with the workload in college.</p>

<p>ok makes sense i have an A average but i have 1 B in English Honors </p>