High Schooler driving thru a big city?

<p>sorry this doesn't really pertain to Alabama but when did you let your 17/18 year olds drive thru a big city etc..I am letting my daughter drive thru ATL to go to NC next week and some parents are like REALLY?? I was shocked b/c she's had her license almost 2 years-when will they ever learn if you don't let them do it alone?? She know the way- has been thru ATL ALOT just never driven-will not be going at a super busy time...</p>

<p>My son will be 17 when he starts at Bama and will be driving through Atlanta, only way to get there unless you want to travel many extra miles.</p>

<p>hlsess, I'm concerned about that also. My son will take his car to Bama. He'll be driving thru Knoxville and Chattanooga, TN and Birmingham,AL! We probably will be following him on the first trip to move him into his dorm. BUT, I'm nervous. I'm like you, has to happen some time. My bigger worry is when he wants to drive home for a long weekend or holiday by himself! We invested in GPS's for both our sons for this past Christmas. Thinking ahead...........</p>

<p>If your D has a lot of driving experience - especially with interstates and transitions - I wouldn't worry. Does she have a talking GPS? If not, you might get one.</p>

<p>Yes she does have a talking GPS- I don't worry about her getting lost -just the amount of cars and lanes in Atlanta- I think once they do it it will get easier each time and also on on the parents- glad to hear others are dealing with this- she will be 18 in Sept and a senior- WOW going to college at 17-that's incredible.... As my sister in law stated- I was on 2 lane roads alone going to college with no cell phone and trucks all over the place--these days it's safer to be alone but also more dangerous with the texting GPS etc... ALOT of distractions!!</p>

<p>I'm 17 and have had my license since I was 16, the legal age in California. I've driven through Los Angeles since about 6 months after my license and I probably drive up there by myself to visit my sister at UCLA every 3 weeks.</p>

<p>that's great to hear- I am sure LA is 100 times worse than ATL</p>

<p>My son did not take his car to school until after fall break. Since we have a 10 hour road trip, I always share the drive with him and fly back home (or fly to BMH and drive back). </p>

<p>We have made this our tradition and enjoy the ride.</p>

<p>While D has made many road trips, we're with momof3boyz....it's a 10 hour drive to campus, and while I know she can handle the Atlanta traffic, its more of a fatigue issue so we share the drive and then fly back home, or vice-versa. Since S will be attending this fall they can share the drive and we won't have to explain to airport security why we're traveling one way with no luggage as they lead us to the "pat down" area. I'm honestly going to miss the drives....amazing conversations, lots of off key singing, and stops at Starbucks along the way (they're loaded into the GPS).</p>

<p>When my DDs were taking their first driving trip to Atlanta, we fired up Google Earth and "drove" them through all the Atlanta interchanges, exits, etc., that they would need to know about. It was especially helpful for them to see the "big picture"....how many lanes there were on I-85, and what lane they would need to be to get off on their particular exit. As anyone who have driven through ATL, there are lanes that appear and disappear, and it's helpful to know early where in those eight lanes you need to be to make your exit. GPS helps alot, too!</p>

<p>thanks iamgdog- that's a great idea-will google earth with her</p>

<p>Bamafana -</p>

<p>I make the drive from Chicago to Florida several times a year via the Nashville, Chattanooga, Atlanta route, the interstate driving is not a real problem, but I'm always taken aback by the speeding on I24? through Chattanooga with the road barriers on the sides - like a video game. Then the Atlanta turnoff comes up so quickly that there's always someone getting caught there.
I second the Google Maps idea!</p>

<p>my DD will drive thru houston, and new orleans on the way. </p>

<p>not a big deal to me.</p>

<p>daddy did get her a new stereo with navigation for her bday, though. : )</p>

<p>Yikes. I'm the outlier here. D has never driven on the highway except for the times that the driving instructor took her out with the dual controlled car during her 6 hours behind the wheel! She doesn't want to. Is resisting her dad's suggestions that they get out there. She's not taking her car to AL & there's no reason to be on an interstate where we live. I don't want to push her if she's not comfortable but...I grew up 12 miles from Times Square & was driving on major interstates with crazy traffic from Day 1.</p>

<p>I am not too sure about ATL, but I would have no worry about your kids driving through Birmingham as it's a really understandable interstate system in those parts, IMHO (I've taken most of the major roads in that area). Just remember about how fast some cars travel between there and Tuscaloosa.</p>

<p>Oh, and I drove through Atlanta when I was touring colleges. As long as you have a GPS, your kids should be completely fine.</p>

<p>Well my D did just perfect today getting thru Atlanta- she didn't seem to have any problems- said a car did pull out in front of her from the emergency lane</p>