high standardized test scores, relatively low gpa?

<p>unabridged title to my post - how will a student with very high standardized test scores but a relatively low gpa willl fare in the college admissions process?</p>

<p>greetings college confidential community!</p>

<p>i am a rising junior who is seeking advice/input from you guys. most of y'all seem to be pretty proficient advice givers when it comes to the whole getting into college thing... </p>

<p>so the first two years of high school were sorta rollercoaster-y... i got about 60 percent b's, 40 percent a's in all my classes (all honors). sophomore year's grades consisted of 75 percent a's, 25 percent b's for the first half... towards the second half, i got really frustrated with my school. the curricula for most of my classes were honestly below my level (courses i had taken 2+ years prior). however they refused to make accommodations. because of that, laziness, and a newly cultivated passion for something non school related, i ended up putting no time/effort into school, and just pursuing my other interests... a.k.a - digging my self into an academic (gpa) ditch </p>

<p>i dont feel like going into my ec's here, but they are pretty cool/unique/passion driven.</p>

<p>anyway, i usually score pretty high on standardized tests (95-99 percentile mostly) so
i think i can probably get a 2200-2400 on the sats with some practice...</p>

<p>the colleges i am looking at include brown, dartmouth, nyu, uchicago, unc chapel hill (out of state), and probably umaryland/umiami as backup schools...</p>

<p>oh, and i'm a pretty good writer (i think) so i think ill be able to write solid essays.</p>

<p>what do you guys think? </p>

<p>thanks for the responses</p>

<p>So what is your overall GPA?</p>

<p>Here is what I would do if I were you:</p>

<li>Raise your GPA</li>
<li>Take AP classes</li>
<li>Get involved with your extracurriculars</li>
<li>Start practicing for SAT/ACT</li>

<p>umm… im not sure but i think its like 3.2-3.4 unweighted</p>

<p>Take a SAT/ACT practice test and see what the test is actually like. Most standardized tests given in middle/high school to test for minimum proficiency at the end of the school year are nothing like the SAT/ACT, and assuming you’ll get a 2200+ because you typically score well may not be true.</p>

<p>lately, i have been taking some practice sats (each section independently tho)… my math has been in the 700-740 range, my reading has been like 740-750 ish and i’ve been getting about 46-48 right on the grammar questions</p>

<p>Take test anxiety into consideration when you take practice sats! I didn’t think I would be affected by it, but then ended up shaking for the first half of the SAT and got a test score about 100 points lower than I had been getting in the blue book.</p>