High Test Scores/Low Gpa for UC

<p>hey guys, I was wondering what my chances are at UCB, UCLA, UCSD, UCI, and UCSB:</p>

<p>3.60 UC Gpa with steep upward trend(hardest corseload possible; calculus 3 taken senior year)
1310 SATI (took in junior year, never got around to taking it again -__-)
780 Math II, 750 chemistry, 710 Writing
200 PSAT
All-county soccer player (VERY devoted- 15 hours/week), fringe D1 prospect
100 volunteer hours
State Science Fair special award, waiting on Siemen's talent search
Band/Orchestra member at multiple instruements (clarinet/cello) sophmore-senior
Dad was asst. professor at UCLA
Well known mod maker in a computer game community (I'm trying for a computer science major)</p>

<p>Single parent, low income blah blah blah...</p>

<p>Any responses would be greaty appreciated :)</p>

<p>You sound a lot like me... i really dont know your chances... but i would say that you need to take the SAT 1 again if you can get it in for the next test date.</p>

<p>hey, you're looking good. nice SAT II scores. you should write one of your personal statements about how you're a mod maker in a computer game community, and another on the single parent with low income situation. TAKE THE SAT I's AGAIN. theres one in december. </p>

<p>UCB, LA (reach)..but i think you'll get SD, I, and SB. </p>


<p>A well written essay will make a lot of difference with your scores. Take a lot of time and run it by some teachers/trusted adults. Irvine should be a safety if not a highly impacted major, SB reasonable with a good essay. Davis a bit of a reach, SD a reach, LA and Berkeley doubtful.</p>

<p>The above out the window if you get recruited. As a recruited athlete, grades are fine for any UC. Missed that the first read! Good luck!</p>