Higher Quality Chinese food

<p>Any cafe, higher quality Chinese food within 10 miles of UCLA? Sorry, but the "fake" Chinese food at UCLA won't cut it. And I think Monterey Park and the SGV will be too far to go just for good Chinese food.</p>

<p>How about any good vietnamese pho restaurant within a good reasonable distance?</p>

<p>No. I have yet to encounter an authentic Chinese/Vietnamese restaurant within walking distance of UCLA. In fact, the closest "real" Chinese restaurant, located near Santa Monica, was recently closed by city inspectors due to cockroaches in their kitchen. Monterey Park is the real deal, of course, and so is Westminster. All attempts to capitalize on the Asian population at UCLA in the 1990s have failed, because college students simply can't afford to eat the food of their home countries... You'll have to endure Rendezvous and the dorm food, instead. :rolleyes:</p>

<p>VIP Harbor Seafood at Barrington and Wilshire, relatively close.</p>

<p>heh I love pho!! sadly the only good pho places are the in the valley, Pho 999 in Van nuys which is 20 min away and you have to take the freeway, but i think its worth it :)</p>

<p>LOL at the valley. I'm sure the better pho places are in Westminster.</p>

<p>thats for sure but i really dont feel the need to drive all the way out there for it heh...acceptable places are only 5 min from me :-P</p>

was recently closed by city inspectors due to cockroaches in their kitchen


<p>americans are too picky about hygiene...:rolleyes:</p>


I'll see your Pho 999 and raise you a Pho 8888 in San Francisco. :rolleyes:</p>


<p>i'll miss my pho.</p>

americans are too picky about hygiene...


If an inspector find one cockroach in the kitchen, you have to close your restaurant for three days. That's too picky. Everyone knows cockroach love food, but unfortunately kitchen has all the food they love.</p>

<p>theres like pho in westwood right. noodle planet? good? my feriend got food poisoning there. still, good.</p>

<p>lol has anyone tried the pho at de neve..haha....that was funny :p</p>

<p>if i get desperate...maybe i'll risk the food poisoning</p>

<p>i'll be going home every week and i live right next to monterey park</p>

<p>anyone down for dim sum?</p>

<p>^im down for some monterey park food, i got relatives there. where do u usually go. i like ocean star. also sometimes paul's kitchen for a "treat"..</p>

<p>haha ocean star is nice. i usually go to the cafes on valley blvd. </p>

<p>baccali = yum</p>

<p>ungenuine asian food is a real problem. I hope they're lots of desi/indian places relatively nearby :(</p>

<p>i have to try this baccali. making me crave san gabriel valley food.</p>

<p>oh for the pho people theres a great place in alhambra called lee kam kee</p>

<p>lee kam lee? a korean place for pho? lol. my mom has been teaching me how to make it (it's quite simple actually), so when i master it, you guys are welcome to come to my apartment. 10 bucks a bowl, please. i'll make it authentic and add generous servings of MSG. :)</p>

<p>sidenote: i just ate at noodle planet tonight nand had the beef plate- not a good idea. i've visited the loo twice in an hour. :(</p>