Highly Selective Universities that offer a good art program.

<p>i want a school that is not an art school, but a university. i am looking into the highly selective universities and wondering which of them had a good art program.</p>

<p>Do you want fine art or design?</p>

<p>For Fine art, there are many choices: Wash U. St Louis, Carnegie Mellon, many LACS, UCLA, Univeristy of New Mexico etc.</p>

<p>For Design, you might want to consider Wash U. St Louis, Carnegie Mellon, University of Cincinnati, Arizona State University.</p>

<p>For LACs (small liberal arts colleges) I'd recommend Williams, Wesleyan, Hamilton, Skidmore, Conn College, Kenyon. If you are female Smith.
These are all academically strong and have good studio programs.</p>

<p>Brown/RISD new combined program cannot be beat!</p>