Highly Selective Universities

<p>If one were to major in music at a highly selective university, could they get away with slightly lesser grades? I am really interested in U of Chicago's music "program" and the school in general. My grades are good, but I am worried that they would by U of Chicago good. Does anyone know how much an interest in music affects your application, espically to a more selective college? I'm really only curious, being I have quite some time until application, however, would value some imput!!!</p>

<p>Hi I go to U Chicago as a music major. Do you have any specific questions about our program?</p>

<p>Cool! First off, did you need really a really strong stats to get in, you could you rely on your musical ability? Second, how exactly is the program devided. I saw on the website you learn portions of composition, theory, and history. About what percentage of what do you actually partake in? And finally, are there any practice rooms on the campus? I was just wondering...</p>

<p>1) You can't be accepted solely on musical talent. It will help, sure, but you need to be accepted by the university so you have to have strong grades, exams, etc. </p>

<p>2) In order to be a music major, you need to complete all the required classes (a sequence in history, a sequence in theory, etc.) and then can elect to focus on theory, ethnomusicology, composition, or whatever you want. All music majors do need to take some basic courses though before specializing. </p>

<p>3) Yes, there are practice rooms in the music building. There are also practice rooms and pianos in all the dormitories. The university is building a new music building that will be opening in 2011 that will be better than the one we have now.</p>

<p>Thanks so much for the help Cosmos!</p>

<p>No problem.</p>