Highschool internships for prospective econ major in college

Hello All,

Anybody know of any internships for a junior who wants to major in economics during college?


Why do you want to major in economics? (not a snarky question! the answer will help shape possible answers)

I took ap macro as a sophmore last year. I was the only sophmore and the rest were juniors. I was really interested in the material, enjoyed learning it, I have always had a knack for fiscal policy, and I did really well in the course. The teacher often used my tests as an answer key. I got a 5 on the ap tests and did some other econ activities. Overall I did well, and enjoyed it. I also like the career potential for a degree in economics. Does this help?


Not a lot of people know at ?15? that they have a knack for fiscal policy: how did you come to know that?

When you say career potential, what are you thinking of? public policy? international development? research? investment banking? other?

I had been reading and watching Milton Friedman, Chicago school of economics, Keynes, (different economic theories) and other economic theory books for quite a while and it made sense to me how interesting rates, bond prices, stimulus, inflation, and capital goods worked in an economy. I also found it incredibly interesting. During class this came intuitively to me. Now that you mention it, part of this included public policy and an interest in public policy. Career ideas include public policy definitely, investment banking is a possibility but something else at a corporate level would also be intriguing to me.

In terms of internship opportunities research would also be of large interest. Thanks for following up!