Highschool Rising Senior...3 Bank Offers (1 IB, 2 General Trng.)! help with decision

<p>Sup Guys,</p>

<p>I posted an early thread about Highschool IB Internship... I got one! I actually aimed for our local Credit Suisse office for Institutional Clients ( we had a good 25 minute talk about IB in my country, how everyone who came here is just client relations and how they send all the actual work to dubai, they just do client relations and stuff), but didn't get it (wasn't really rejected, changed my mind) one thing that really kept my hopes up (after she read my Resume, and asked some associates):" You look like a very passionate person and I would love to have you with us, if we had more deal flow. We're primarily concerned with client relations, so its all experienced personell in this office... if you want to actually learn, I suggest the local banks, or else you would be hanging around doing nothing and not really learning anything".... the credit suisse MD is right I guess... so I hunted down a quite highly ranked IB in the Middle East, many of its current top management served lengthy periods of time in many brand name places like Carlyle Group, Citadel, J.P. Morgan, Goldman Sachs.... some of the ex-employees there landed gigs at top Private Equity firms (Citadel, fortress, BlackRock to name a few). So it may not be household, but its pretty strong.</p>

<p>My other two offers were "Summer Training Programs" from the largest bank in the middle east (and the country, duh) and the other offer was from the 2nd largest bank in the country....</p>

<p>I dont know which one to take! Halp!</p>

<p>Bragging is very attractive. And you didn't get an internship with an investment bank as a rising high school senior unless your parents had major connections. I attend a very highly ranked, elite college in the United States and everyone I know who did investment banking in high school was a direct result of their father or mother being in an executive position (VP, etc.)</p>