<p>I'm considering about those 5 schools, some of which are TSOs and some of which are not. </p>

<p>I value number of IVIES and top colleges, academic, friendly atmosphere, and good for intl students.</p>

<p>It's hard for us Chinese parents to know that well. Could you help us compare those schools? It's appreciate that you could give your order of valueing those schools.</p>

<p>My english is poor. Hope you all understand words above.</p>

<p>In academics I think Hotchkiss is the best school, but that's debatable. Also, the Hochkiss principal is from out of the country, and has a lot of international students, so it might be the best for international students too. A lot of their students go to excellent colleges as well.</p>

<p>rocncyber so you're saying you're having your child apply for, this year or the next year?
welcome to collegeconfidential :) I can see it's your first post
Just a question, why is Hill up there twice? If there's another school that has a similar name, I'm not that good with boarding school names beyond the top 30ish schools.
Hotchkiss is definitely the best out of them, in my opinion. It has a lot of international students (but that also raises the bar for who gets in) and has a great academic curriculum. I've heard sports is pretty good as well. A lot of kids get into Ivy Leagues from here, more so than the other schools I believe, and I can't say whether it's a friendly atmosphere or not, but living with the same people will probably create something like that.
The second best school would either be Hill or Peddie. They say that Hill is a slightly better school, but Hill isn't as selective as Peddie (it's a rolling admission, meaning you can apply any time in the school year unlike most schools with due dates in January or February) and I've heard the campus is kind of in the middle of nowhere, and not in a good way. Both Hill and Peddie get into pretty good places, so if your child likes either one, then go for it!
NMH is normally a safety school, ie a school that you know you're going to get in for sure. If your child gets into any better places, I advise you to enroll to the other school.</p>

<p>But keep in mind for international students, especially Chinese and Korean (being a Korean I sense a lot of competition, no clue how much it'd be for the Chinese) students, it's extremely competitive. No matter how perfect your child's grades are, there's always a chance he/she won't get in.</p>

<p>But good luck!</p>

<p>Oh!!! I wrote HILL twice...I meant Taft.... =]</p>

<p>Peddie, yeah, when my husband came back he told me Peddie accepted. Hill rejected and Hotchkiss/Taft waitlisted. NMH accepted too but it seems less competitive in the college admission, right?</p>

<p>Yeah, we are Chinese family. So lucky my son could came to Peddie which is not easy to get in!</p>

<p>Taft is also an excellent school, one of the best boarding schools in America. It's similar to Hotchkiss although a little less challenging academically (that's what people have told me), but I think it has a friendlier atmosphere.</p>

<p>rocncyber: If you really value ivies, look at a place like Milton. They accept a nice number of internationals and are very friendly. also a good percentage of their students go to Harvard. However, these days as far as I know, Ivies don't count for as much as they used to. There are several other top colleges. There are also several other prep schools that send students to the best colleges whether they are Ivies or not. If you take this into consideration I would recommend Exeter, Andover, Choate, Loomis, Lawrenceville and Hotchkiss. These are all considered "top schools" but you should choose the ones that you think suits your child best. Good luck!</p>

<p>Did your child get into Peddie ?</p>

<p>Does your family need any Financial aid ?</p>

<p>I applied to Peddie too but got waitlisted</p>



<p>What about Peddie? Peddie's college matriculation?
Since I am going to peddie, i am very interested in this.</p>

<p>kickme -- Please note that Hill is not a rolling admissions school year round. I think very few boarding schools are rolling admissions schools year round. The typical path is that there is an application deadline, usually between early January to Feb. 1st. After that, some schools will take late applications and choose to include "rolling" after their deadline in boardingschoolreview. As you can see from discussions here, many(if not all) schools will still take late applications after the regular deadline. I suspect that late applicants are more likely to be offered a spot (if the school believes it is a good match) if the school includes "rolling" after its deadline. I think that in most cases, it is more difficult to gain admission with a late application. Schools tend to be looking for specific talents that are lacking in their incoming class and wait lists. However, it could as simple as being the right gender.</p>

<p>Hill's campus is very nice with excellent facilities. The town it is in is not thriving economically. It is not impoverished, just not thriving. </p>

<p>arthas -- for Peddie college matriculation, just go to their website and do a search for college matriculation.</p>

<p>Hill and Peddie are both excellent schools, but they have very different personalities. Hill is very traditional, Peddie is not. Also, Peddie's acceptance rate is misleading because of the huge number of day applicants. Hill is more difficult to get into as a boarder and I think the OP's results bear that out. Most Peddie students, even the boarders are from New Jersey or nearby Pennsylvania, while Hill has more students from all over the country. Pottstown has seen better days, but so has Hightstown. Both campuses, however, are beautiful with first rate facilities. Neither school has rolling admissions; both honor the March 10 notification date but consider late applications on a rolling basis, which is true of most schools.</p>

<p>yeah burb parent I was meaning to post that or at least edit it but unless I have horrible vision I couldn't find the edit button and my internet went whack =/
anyways yes after a while I was curious (actually the thing I heard about hill was something my friend told me but they're kind of... umm degrading to schools that they didn't apply for/like) and I looked at the website. It DOES accept late applications, but it's not a rolling admissioned school. sorry about that ! </p>

<p>really. kick me.</p>

<p>I usually try to stay out of these discussions but I was sucked into the whole "better" school idea this past year but fortunately found my way out. We know absolutely nothing about the applicant. How can you say Hotchkiss is best???</p>

<p>Does your child want formal/informal?
Saturday classes or not?
How important are sports and what sports?
Do you care about the arts?
City or country? (Hotchkiss is in the middle of nowhere, some people would not like that)
You need to make a list of what your child desires... and see which schools match that desire. Is this for this year or next?</p>

<p>Lastly, I don't think the kids that didn't get into NMH and have posted on this board will appreciate you saying that everyone gets in, obviously not. Even with a 40% admittance rate, 60% of the kids do not get in.</p>

<p>From Peddie's website: College Placement – Peddie students earn admission into the most selective schools in the country and abroad. Colleges and universities enrolling 10 or more Peddie graduates are: Boston College (15), Carnegie Mellon University (19), Columbia University (19), Cornell University (16), The George Washington University (12), Georgetown University (13), Harvard University (14), Johns Hopkins University (15), Lafayette College (11), Lehigh University (12), Princeton University (12), Rutgers University (15), Tufts University (10), U.S. Naval Academy (23), University of Pennsylvania (34), and Vanderbilt University (10).</p>

<p>That's why I applied for Peddie only. Actually, it's not the main reason.</p>

<p>The main reason is because of the balance ther.</p>

<p>warriorboy, I'm not meaning to offend people who didn't get in, and I don't believe I mentioned that "everyone gets in". I'm saying that normally it is safety school, and a lot of people who applied, regardless of getting rejected/waitlisted/accepted, were thinking of NMH as a safety school. Not saying that NMH is a bad school, and there are people who really do like it, but for the kids I go to school with it's a safety and there were quite a few who got nervous because nmh rejected them and they were worried that other reach schools would also reject them.
Congrats to the people who got in and love it, NMH appeals differently to everyone.
And Hotchkiss, is in my opinion, the best out of the 5, as I said above. It's probably because of my asian pride and typically asians want the school that can give you the best classes and college acceptance rates. A lot of other things are mixed in, but those are the top 2 needs. however, it's still just my opinion, and that doesn't make it suddenly right.</p>

<p>And to make it clear, I made a mistake on the Hill's admission system and from that and talk about the campus, made it sound like the school itself was bad (I checked their website and reviews about Hill and I'll agree that it's a great place now), but that's just stuff that I've heard and not entirely what I believe in. Still, I did say it and sorry for Hill students & NMH students, I know how frustrating it is when people diss your school, despite whatever intentions they have. And everything I said was in my opinion, and I'll respect yours as long as nothing gets too critical.</p>

<p>I don't really believe in better schools either, but the ones I like pretty much become them without question :)</p>

<p>I think they have 12 to Yale too</p>

<p>kickme, have you applied to any school yet? Aren't you in 7th grade? And though you didn't exactly say "everyone gets in", you did say
NMH is normally a safety school, ie a school that you know you're going to get in for sure.


<p>I think if people have learned anything from the this past week of acceptances, rejections, and waitlists, is that there truly isn't a SAFETY school for everyone. You even said that there were kids whom you attend school with that were rejected from NMH, so how can you claim it as a SAFETY?</p>

<p>Close. I'm 8th. No, I haven't applied to any schools yet but have inquired a few of them and I've talked to the counselor, clearing up some things about the school's application process.
And I guess I should go back on what I said, because it seems schools are getting filled with applications and are getting rejected no matter which school. It should be restated that NMH WAS normally a safety, but unless I'm really slow on CC's functions I can't edit my post, at least not now.
And I'm not trying to point the fault at anyone but if we went back to a few weeks ago, before the decisions were sent, many people on CC were considering NMH a safety. And that is the past, yes, but there are people who still consider it a safety because it's not Andover or Exeter. And from the competitive background I've been in for several years now, if it's not at the top, then it's not a reach and thus would be in this case considered a safety. Not getting in the safety doesn't mean it isn't a safety anymore, it just means you're not good enough for the safety. Degrading yes, but it's a common thought here. But I do get why NMH, or any other school for the matter, is slipping out of the safety zone into a school with tons of people applying, and like boarding schools do, have to accept, waitlist, and reject just as much.</p>

<p>I'd rather not have fights or issues with anybody on CC, so that's all I'm going to say about this. Thanks for the info -seriously, I did learn a few things about NMH and Hill today- but I'm not much of a fighting type of person anymore so I hope the best of everyone, even though decisions are pretty much out.</p>

<p>kickme -- Thank you for your nice response about Hill. I just wanted to point out that it is not rolling year round because so many people read these threads and old threads can get resurrected. I pointed it out not so much for you, but for all the current and future readers. </p>

<p>Good luck with your search! I hope you will be able to visit some schools. You will see what a wide variety of possibilities there are. We were surprised by a few of the schools we visited -- looked great on the web, but not at all a good match after a visit. Or looked OK on the web and realized it was a great match after a visit.</p>

<p>Picking a school is like selecting your friends. If you pick your friends based purely on whether or not they are the most popular, you may find that they are not that compatible with you. </p>

<p>Please let us know how your search progresses.</p>

<p>Having sent two children to NMH....and choosing this school over schools like Exeter, Andover, etc....I can definitely say it is not academically in a lower tier. It is less popular to apply to and less prestigious, hence it doesn't have the super-low admission rate. Do not be fooled by this, it is still a select group of students who apply. They are not "second-rate" in any way. My younger son had every credential to go to one of "top" schools and absolutely wanted only NMH. It is also not "different" or "laid back"....no more so than Andover. They don't have a dress code, but that's about the only difference I have noticed. We are quite familiar with the other schools, living within an hour or so of all of them and knowing many friends whose children have/are attending. The academics and breadth of course selection are of the same high caliber as are the class sizes and faculty credentials.</p>