Hillsdale Career Opportunities

I’d love to hear from some current students/alumni at Hillsdale about after graduation and career opportunities. How good was the career services office (and school connections in general) in helping you find an internship or job? Have you been able to find the job you were hoping for? I’m looking at majoring in Financial Management (or maybe Politics). I’ve heard from alumni at other school I’m looking at about recruiters coming to the school and tons of info sessions with companies, interview and resume prep/help, and how all these resources helped them get the job they always wanted. Is this the case at Hillsdale?

@jebco19 I’m curious as well. Have you been able to find out anything?

In talking to some students, it sounded like Career Services and the connections they had were very helpful in finding internships and jobs. It sounds like a fair amount of donors are in the business world and (naturally, since they’re donors) fairly well-off, which is extremely helpful for students hoping to go into business-related fields. I haven’t heard much about recruiters or info sessions.

Their Graduation Placement Report for the class of 2018 lists some organizations hiring graduates: Auto-Owners Insurance, GM, International Justice Mission, Knights of Columbus, National Review, PwC, Illinois Governor’s Office, US Department of Education, The White House, etc. It sounds like a fairly good list. It’s not on par with the Ivies or anything, but, for its size and majors (smaller business department, larger politics department), I’d guess it’s pretty similar (or better than) other liberal arts. The placement rate was 98% with 21% of students continuing their education with almost a quarter of those students (24% of those continuing their education) going to law school.