Hillsdale College in Michigan???

Has anybody that applied for Hillsdale College early action heard yet???

Not here in Minny!

Good luck!

Yes, my child was accepted in mid-January.

My child applied early action on the deadline, Dec. 15th, and hasn’t heard back yet. He has a high GPA, a 33 composite ACT score and his interview went quite well, so he has high hopes of admission. Today is the Notification Date for early action applications and since early action notification isn’t on a rolling basis, I assume that all such applicants will be notified at once on the Notification Date. Since Dec. 15th is a Sunday this year, perhaps the notification will be tomorrow, Dec. 16th. If Hillsdale is out of the office on Presidents’ Day, then I assume that the notification will be Tuesday, Dec. 17th. At least that’s what I’m telling my child! ;o) Not sure about Katy98’s child being accepted in mid-January; perhaps her child is receiving a full scholarship and is the exception to the single Notification Date rule?

Perhaps Katy’s child applied ED, or is an athlete?

Otherwise, D-day for EA is today, which will be shifted to tomorrow due to Holiday.

Good luck to all!

My child applied EA, is an athlete, and received a partial scholarship. The college is not closed for Presidents’ Day; we visited there today. I know of at least one other (non-athlete) student who was accepted in January, so not all students are notified on the same day. However, I am sure that all who applied EA and have not yet heard will receive notification letters this week. Hillsdale appears to be very conscientious about deadlines. Good luck!

Thanks for all the good wishes! My child received his Hillsdale acceptance letter with scholarship yesterday. So thankful & pleased.

Congratulations to your son!

Got in to Hillsdale!
ACT: 30
GPA: 3.7
good ecs+ great interview

excited to possibly attend!

kypdurron, congratulations on your admission to Hillsdale! My son was so excited about his news that I don’t believe he slept last night - what a nut. Perhaps you and he will be classmates in the fall!

Katy98, thanks and perhaps my son will be a classmate of your child in the fall also! So many changes happening so fast - but Our Kids Must Launch! ;o)

Congrats to those who have been accepted! Is anyone else STILL waiting to hear from Hillsdale? We are in the Chicago area and have not received any notification. Kind of bummed…

kid1248, if you applied EA then I’d recommend that you call your Hillsdale counselor ASAP and ask, because the notification date was 2/15 (and by extension, 2/17). Since we’re past that date, your counselor by all means should tell you over the phone !!