Hispanic Applicants average SAT

Could anyone please give me information on the average SAT scores of Hispanics accepted to:
Northwestern University
University of Pennsylvania
Please comment if you were accepted to one of these and write your SAT score. Thanks in advance for your prompt response.

Try the common data set. Some schools will have this information on their reports but not all of them will.

Generally these schools don’t post information by race other than numbers in the incoming class. With that said, I would guess that the average is fairly close to the overall averages posted in the common data set.

I have actually come across it on the CDS before but forgot which college had that info posted. You could look up the information on College Board because they do have stats broken up into gender and race.

@goingnutsmom‌ have you really come across that data on CDS?!! I can’t believe it would get posted. It seems to me there’d be a million lawsuits over it because it’s not really politically correct to divide data by race… I personally have no problem with it, but knowing what an incredibly heated debate affirmative action is, comparing the average SAT of admitted Hispanic students to that of all students regardless of race seems like a recipe for disaster.

I don’t think that I was imagining it but maybe I did. Have seen a lot of info when researching for myself and I remember coming across some stats broken down by race for one of the Ivies. But you sound correct- it would be an opening for lots of trouble. I do remember being surprised to have come across the info. But CB has stats broken down by gender/race with percentages.

Would a 2200 700m/700r/800w be good strong enough as a hispanic or should someone with this score retake?

@Spurs2014. I think that is a pretty good score. I recently read in a survey done by the Crimson (Harvard’s student newspaper) that the average SAT score for Hispanics accepted to Harvard was around 2200. However, if you believe you can get a better score I’d recommend taking it again.

I think the SAT score will be taken into account within the context of that student’s environment. So a 2200 from a Hispanic student who is first generation, and low income means more than a 2200 from a Hispanic student whose parents are college educated professionals with high income.

@Spurs2014, depends on where you trying to go.

You can check the stats for incoming freshman for the specific college on their website and see if your scores are comparable.

Yes, the College Board definitely has SAT scores by ethnicity/race and this is where I’ve seen the information. So definitely not by colleges.

Here is the overall table. I have never seen a college break it out–excepting in survey like the Crimson