Hispanic male transfer chances @ top 30's: USC, UVA, WFU, UNC, Emory, Cornell SHA

University of Southern California is my dream! I’m applying to Babson, Emory, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Notre Dame, USC, University of Virginia, and Wake Forest University for business admin. I’ll apply to Cornell for hotel administration.

I really appreciate it!! Its been a journey.

  • 3.71 cGPA at a California Community College
  • Obtained Associates for Transfer in Business Admin, Economics, and Spanish
  • A’s in intro to business, accounting 1 & 2, micro econ & macro econ, business law
  • B in elementary statistics; A in psychology statistics (took this to redeem myself)
  • USC Pre-reqs: B in writing; B in Calculus
  • 2 covid-related EW’s & 1 W for Calculus (I was very sick and dropped the course out of necessity)
  • Extracurriculars: President of student government and oversaw the investment of over $20,000 into student organizations; directed the official college video marketing campaign to increase enrollment; founded a peer-mentor program for Spanish speaking English learning students; co-founder of campus-wide mentor-mentee program that is backed by the college foundation; student host of school foundation’s podcast
  • Completing a marketing internship before submitting apps.
  • LOR’s: advisor of student government; college’s director of marketing & public relations; director of college foundation (i have a close relationship with all three); I can get a LOR from a business professor. I excelled and participated in her class and had a final project that she loved; Maybe I can get a LOR from my internship.
  • Hispanic male that dropped out of high school and got GED. I bounced back from relatively negative circumstances.

Have you looked at the Common Data Set for each of these schools? Take a look at Notre Dame if you look at section D2 it looks like 2020-21 they admitted 179 of the 423 transfer applicants.
Notre Dame Common Data Set 2020-21
You are a good student and have a chance, just how good no one really knows. All you can do is be a stand out in your pool of applicants. Make every word count on your application. Take great care with each section. Write a compelling essay, edit, take a look at each website and see if they have examples of admitted student essays so you get a feel for the kind of student and essays they like. I wish you the very best!

Thank you for the response! I’ll take a look into the common data set for each school. i wasn’t aware the notre dame admitted such a high amount of applicants. i will definitely spend time wordsmithing my essays.

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