Hispanic Scholarship Fund 2020-2021

Starting this thread since the selections come out this month! Good luck to everyone!

havent heard anything yet

Same :frowning: i wonder if its on pause given the pandemic

I read the thread for last years scholarship and they got results late June

Right… I read a lot of responses from applicants last year who found out on June 27. I’m antsy and I have a feeling results will be delayed due to covid.

I also read the thread from last year and it seems that they start to get notified sometime in late June. What were some of your essay prompts for this year? Mine was to write a speech directed to congress haha.

My prompt was also to write a speech directed to congress. Have any of you applied before? This is my first time. I also read the thread and saw that they sent out checks. Does this mean it does not go to your school first?

I’m also super anxious. I read on several threads of past years that even if you get selected, awards disperse from October to December. If anyone is counting on the money to pay for fall tuition, it seems unlikely. I just want to know if I was selected for a monetary award, am waitlisted, or outright denied (in any case, by this point you’re a finalist and deserve a pat on the back for working so hard).

Does anyone know if the students that have been featured on their social media lately are members for the 2019-2020 cohort or the 2020-2021 cohort? Because I’ve seen a few that seem to be individuals who were just chosen, but I’m a little confused as I still haven’t heard anything

Hey, I am a 2 time HSF scholar. I am going into my junior year of college. They usually just do their bios randomly as I’ve been asked to do one twice but have not been put on social media for HSF at all. I did contact them through the inquiry portal on their website and they said they’d get back to students about their HSF scholar status for this year sometime in mid-June. So I assume it would come out in the next few days.

Hello! Grad student here, and one time scholarship winner. I just wanted say a couple of things for the peeps who have questions and concerns about the scholarship, including the disbursement dates.

First , for those asking the selection times: because of the current circumstances of the world, it is likely that the selections emails may not go out until July (possibly August). I say as experience from a couple of years ago, where I wasn’t notified until late June, when the world was just fine.

So now if you’re concerned about collecting some cash to pay your tuition: just take out student loans for the mean time. From what I remember, you have likely until the end Summer (right before the start of the Fall semester) to make this decision, and you’ll get you money a week, if not week of, school starting (you school may vary). 1 reason to do this is, YES YOUR DISBURSEMENT WONT ARRIVE UNTIL THE END OF THE YEAR. Reason 2 is in case you don’t get this scholarship. You already know the maximum amount of money you’ll get from HSF, you know how much more/less you can take out in loans. Once you’ve received your scholarship, you can simply return that money to the school directly, and it will not added to your loan bill when you graduate.

A fair bit of warning too. When I was selected, I was actually first wait listed, and then notified I won in December of that year. I was then told I would receive my money Mid January, if not early February. However, due to some problems with electronically sending money through Wells Fargo, I didn’t not receive my money until late March. This was not HSF of course, and they were only taking precautions to make sure our money was sent safely to us. So yes, our money could possible be late(r than specified) simply because of some technically difficulties and with the current state of the world, I definitely wouldn’t put it past them.

So my advise for those new to the Higher Ed world, here is simple advice: PREPARE FOR THE WORSE CASE SCENARIO. Save the money you have now just in case, and take out some extra loans for your own sake if you feel you need it (even if it’s 5k. I have it waaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy worse right now).

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Hello all! Current graduate student and first time finalist: I’m just curious what the main difference between a finalist and waitlisted candidate is

Hey Studyybee, from the past two times I have received a scholarship from HSF, they send the money directly to you. Two years ago they sent the money via direct deposit, but last year it was via check. To answer your question: The money from the scholarship does not go to your school. It goes directly to you.

Hi Ir2956, I think the main difference between a finalist and a waitlisted candidate is that a finalist receives money for sure, whereas a waitlisted candidate only receives money if there are any additional funds available.

I would say that the main difference is waitlist means your on the waitlist for money, but even if you’re waitlisted you are considered an HSF scholar meaning you can still apply to go to their conferences, get career resources, and various connections to build your career prospects as they are partnered with organizations like the NBA, Disney, BCG, Wells Fargo, and many more organizations if you care about those things. They also have scholars and alumni throughout the country which you can be connected to that work and do so many things.

If you are recipient of the scholarship, is your school notified by HSF that you have received the scholarship (asking b/c my school decreases aid with scholarships) :confused:

Just got an email from HSF, I was waitlisted. I wonder what are the chances I will get an award.

I was also waitlisted. I’m a little confused what this means–I’m still an HSF Scholar, but i don’t for sure get a scholarship? Why is this? How do they decide who gets money and who is waitlisted?

I got the email today (6/23/2020) saying that I am wait-listed for an award as well. They asked to upload a Financial Aid Award Letter to be eligible once the funds become available. Is anybody here a DACA recipient? I’m just not sure how I can get this letter if we don’t even qualify for financial aid through FAFSA.

I was also waitlisted. I wonder how many people were waitlisted vs people given funds