Historical facts in Essay?

<p>So I was doing a practice essay, and made up some hilariously glaring, untrue, historical facts. Will this hurt my essay score? Here is the paragraph with the stupid facts I made up to support my argument. (Prompt: Do people have to be highly competitive in order to succeed?)</p>

<p>Another example of the fall of society through competition can be seen in the Roman Empire. Throughout Roman history, there was always struggle for the crown within the royal court. This competition and selfishness caused the dissolution of central power and broke apart the powerful Roman Empire from the inside out. Starting in the 5th century of the empire, one of Caesar’s sons won the crown. His other two brothers, bitter over their exile, formed two armies and attacked him, taking from him a chunk of western territory in Turkey. More competition throughout the generations of Roman Empire for the crown became the main reason for the fall of Rome.</p>

<p>That is is just one paragraph. I'm just wondering if putting something like that would hurt my score b/c its obviously inaccurate.</p>


<p>Nope. From everything I've read, ETS/College Board/whomever instructs graders to ignore factual accuracy. My only concern is that colleges can see your essay (assuming you send them your scores) and they'll think you're a moron because of this, although most/all don't actually take the time to read your essay.</p>

<p>Besides, your excerpt would probably believed by a majority of English teachers - the pool from which essay graders are selected. ;)</p>

<p>Oh, that's good then!</p>

<p>It won't hurt you if you're ELC and 4.71 anyways, but otherwise i don't think you should include it</p>

<p>even if they say they don't grade on accuracy, most graders probably wouldn't like completely made up things. if you're going to make stuff up, do it so they can't tell. use subjects most people wouldn't know anything about.</p>

<p>Talk about Euclide's geometry. No one knows anything about that. Trust me.</p>

<p>I think some graders would know that Caesar existed before 0 A.D.</p>

<p>only the ones that are ELC and 4.71 GPA anyways would know</p>