History Bachelors then Communications Master?

Hello everyone!

I have a quick questioned regarding majors and masters.

I am going to be majoring in History but may purse a master degree in Communications, I had originally thought this was not possible as I assumed you’d have to major in whatever you wanted to get your masters in. But on Northwestern’s website it says this on the communications page’s FAQ.

" Are there any undergraduate prerequisites for the program?

The MSC Program requires a four-year baccalaureate degree (or equivalent credentials for international students, see admissions). There are no specific class prerequisites required for the program."

So does this mean I could get a bachelors in history and then get a masters in communications?


You don’t have to have the same exact major for your bachelor’s and master’s. The can be completely different areas of study (though a similar one would be recommended), as long as you meet the prereqs for the Master’s program.