History Major---->Job before MBA

<p>I'm going into my Senior year as a history major with stellar grades etc etc, but I'm switching most of my classes for my senior year to accounting, econ, mgmt. I'm most likely going to apply to the IU school of business (Kelley) for they're deffered acceptance program and hopefully enter the program in a few years. But in the meantime I obviously need to gain some work experience and display myself.</p>

<p>I've been attempting to do my own research on the job market, but its obvious that my lack of quantitive skills are hindering me when it comes to pre-req's for a job and I'm definitely out of ideas. I will most likely take more business courses after I graduate as well, but in the meantime....</p>

<p>Does anybody have any suggestions of job areas that I would be able to apply for and actually be qualified? Internships (for my senior year) that would lead to an entry-level positions?</p>

<p>Stock Broker</p>

<p>Real Estate Agent</p>

<p>Insurance agent</p>

<p>Writer - My firm does business plans for it's smaller clients. I use good writers to either prepare the plans or as editors. My firm also reviews and evaluates pre-written plans for submission to our investors. We use two types of editing there; for writing, and business technical editing. A lot of my clients are foreign from emerging or developing economies so this can be very difficult. The point is you have skills you just need to do a deeper evaluation of yourself. Also try career services. Employers will overlook deficiencies if you show strength in other needed areas. </p>

<p>My firm is a financial services firm and no I'm not hiring right now.</p>