History Related Extracurriculars

Hello! I’m currently a freshman and I am very interested in history (particularly European monarchies and Ancient Egypt, but I love learning about history in general). My absolute dream would be to major in history at Yale. Are there any clubs, competitions, academic journals, nonprofits, internships, summer camps, etc. where I could delve into and display my passion for history?

Maybe a summer job at your local history museum, a series of fun/interesting YouTube videos on different history topics, a tour guide for local historical landmarks in your area, participate (or initiate) in any local historical reinactments, get kids interested in history by do a Saturday morning reading (or reinactment or plays) for kids at your local library or community center, etc.

Don’t worry about ECs fitting a maybe major. Colleges want people that are interesting. People that are interesting have more than one interest.

I agree with both responses above. You will definitely need those history-based EC, but definitely do not limit yourself to those. Music? Sports? Volunteering? Theater? Those are all great EC’s that will show you are more and have more potential than just being a history-interested student (and you can bet all the other history applications will have along the same history-based EC’s, so you still need other interests to make you stand out as an individual.)

Overall, I would say to not confine yourself and to keep exploring. You might even find things that interest you more than history. Don’t limit yourself and just do ECs that you enjoy!

Many schools don’t admit based on major, and those that do typically don’t discriminate finely between the humanities/social sciences. General ECs are fine. Show leadership and distinction as best you are able within your school setting.

I’m in a similar situation as you (being a rising sophomore who loves historical research) and I’ll share some of the stuff I have found useful so far. Does your state have a historical society? Normally these organizations need help, and you could probably intern (or perhaps volunteer). My state has a pretty big one, and although I already knew some people there through NHD, I am sure any local/state organization will help you out.

Do you like historical research, or more factual history (like quizbowl style)? For research, you could always participate in National History Day or the Concord Review. And because you have time left in high school, if its something you figure out you really like than you could consider doing original research and presenting at academic confereces/publishing. Normally academia does not care as much about your credentials, but it is very difficult to create publishable material in history as a high schooler.

Hope this helps.