History Requirements???

<p>Hi, I go to a school that does not offer a lot of history classes. I have 2 units right now, which seems to be what most schools require or recommend. However, I've noticed some schools such as Pomona REQUIRE 3 history units. My question is, does anyone know of any other colleges that may require 3 history units? And, do you think that this would be something that would lead Pomona to disregard my application (only having 2 history units)?</p>

<p>If your high school does not offer more than 2 units of history, you will not be penalized. However, if your school does offer more, but you simply don't take them, you may be penalized. If Pomona actually requires (rather than recommends) 3 units, you need to take 3 units if they are offered. If they are not, it will be clear from the School Report your school sends along with your high school transcript.</p>

<p>In general, schools 'recommend' a certain breadth of study in high school, but if you are a year short in some area, but have taken an equally rigorous course in some other area that fits your 'story' about what you are interested in/passionate about, they will not hold it against you. (Example: Didn't do 3d year of history because you wanted to take AP Music Theory instead and are planning to major in Music...)</p>

<p>Could take a CC history class, if your HS has a program which lets you do so.</p>

<p>are you sure only pure history classes fulfill that requirement? i think most schools call it a social studies requirement, meaning that classes like government or civics count as well.</p>

<p>well, some schools (a lot of the UC's and some other colleges in CA) require HISTORY, not just social studies</p>