History vs. Political Science for Berkeley

<p>I have completed mostly all of the pre-req's for history but ultimately I think I'd like to major in political science.</p>

<p>Should I apply as a history major this fall and then switch over to poli sci after I'm admitted, or start getting the pre-req's done for poli sci this summer (there are only like three classes)?</p>

<p>Essentially what I'm wondering is, which major is more competitive? I have a 4.0 in all of my history pre-req's so I think I'm doing well in there. . .any advice?</p>

<p>Oh and which department would you say is "better"?</p>

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<p>They are essentially equal in competitiveness, since they are both in the social sciences department. I would suggest you apply with the major you intend on pursuing, as it is apparently difficult to switch majors once admitted as a transfer; secondly, UCB, as all other UCs, does not like transfer admits taking lower division courses --it crowds classes for the freshman admits.</p>

<p>How difficult would you say it is to switch once admitted?</p>

<p>I wasn't planning on taking LD once admitted to Berkeley, but one class this fall and then the remaining two next spring so that I'd already have the pre-req's done and ease the process of switching. </p>

<p>My only concern is that I've already done all but one of the history pre-req's and so far have gotten A's in all of them; to start in fall to do the pre-req's for poli sci seems somewhat unfavorable in terms of admissions decisions.</p>

<p>I would apply as a history major. No students are admited into a major. So if you get accepted into the social science department it will be easy to transfer from history to poli sci.</p>