Hits and misses on student gifts

<p>I thought it might be helpful to have a thread to refer back to next year when we are trying to come up with ideas for gifts for our college students.</p>

<p>Hits for my S: Touch screen gloves, Starving Students Cookbook (he is living in an apartment, and is slowly expanding his cooking repertoire), Han Solo frozen in carbonite ice cube trays (from Think Geek)</p>

<p>I think (hope) we were lucky enough to avoid misses this year.</p>

<p>I got both D's socks- smartwool socks they always can use.
D2- four day pass to Sasquatch festival in George, Washington.
D1- stuff for her kitchen
apparently last year I got them both jackets which I had to take back- as they didn't have hoods & weren't warm enough. I did the same this year- so I am going to hang onto the Christmas list so I can remember what I did!</p>

<p>Like Sacchi the touchscreen gloves were a big hit. So were fleece pajama bottoms and cute little portable ipod speakers. Gift cards to In&Out, Starbucks, Taco Bell, and Itunes were also welcome.</p>

<p>No misses (for once!)</p>

<p>Mom got the touchscreen gloves, and D looked a bit envious. She did get some warm and fuzzy socks. The real hit: the iPhone. </p>

<p>Miss: the case charger for the iPhone 4S turns out to make it too big to fit easily in a pocket, so back it is going. Too bad, because five extra hours of talk time is pretty nice.</p>

<p>My h bought my son some headphones, then said he wanted the same for himself. As h was opening HIS, son (whose name I had put on the from tag), says he would not have gotten those......and then as he opens his, tries to take what he said back.... Oh well; they are both using them.</p>

<p>DS got argyle socks, sweater, and rugby shirt and seemed pretty happy. He is a HS senior and quite the fashion plate.</p>

<p>The best reaction out of S2 was when he pulled a big thick bath towel out of the gift bag. That brought a big grin and laugh.
He had been commenting lately about how our towels at home were soooo luxurious compared to what he has at school. He also seemed to like the sunglasses I got him and the REI jacket that S1 gave him. </p>

<p>He was not enthusiastic about the Columbia fleece pullover. I bought the oatmeal color because most of his wardrobe is drab gray or black. Apparently the color is just too radical for him.</p>

<p>D1 (age 21) -</p>

<p>Hit: Coach purse (she sent me a link a while before Christmas) and some nice earrings she had admired in a store over Thanksgiving. Also the DSW gift card for shoes.</p>

<p>Misses: Neither of the two sweater dresses was to her liking (although she does like sweater dresses in general and had been talking about them). And some stuff that will be useful in setting up her apartment come late summer/fall (spring graduation) was greeted with a frown (even things like a pretty blue colander she had mentioned when she came home from shopping over Thanksgiving). I think it was too much of a reminder that this is her last Christmas as a student, and likely next year she will be living far away with no vacation time to come home. Her birthday is in 2 weeks, and I was considering giving her an Ikea gift card for a few hundred dollars (again, for apartment furnishing), but now I am rethinking after her Christmas reaction to apartment items.</p>

<p>D2 (age 16) -</p>

<p>Hit: Technohoodie from Old Navy (plug in for her Ipod in the pocket, and the drawstrings have earbuds built into the end). Got a deal (only $15 in the store, $10 cheaper than online -- and online was sold out anyway), so it was a hit AND inexpensive. :D</p>

<p>I was told on Christmas eve, "Mom, what people our age want the most is money." Despite this remark, all gifts opened the next morning seemed very appreciated (none from DH and I were cash or checks). I purchased normally expensive software on Studica.com for an amazing price. That was the biggest hit, along with an iphone. Check out student pricing on anything you buy. What a deal.</p>

<p>The touch screen gloves were a hit here too... as was a small pop-up speaker from brookstone you can connect to phones, mp3 players, etc. DD was thrilled with a high quality down coat from Lands End. </p>

<p>Packmom, lol on that radical 'oatmeal' color. But I can relate. I actually got my son-to wear navy this winter. Big progress from black and dark gray but it may be years before oatmeal is acceptable.</p>

<p>My kids really liked the $100 checks from their grandparents. I was stunned! How generous! I was surprised that my daughter put on, and then wore all day, a lightweight fleece jacket from LLBean from ... her grandparents. (Really surprised: I have the same jacket, in a different color.) Same grandparents gave me (DIL) a lovely pair of slippers, with soles, suitable for middle-of-the-night dog walks (and vastly appreciated). It is obvious to me that these two people are doing an excellent job of listening.</p>

<p>Well...best "hit" was last year's wallet full of gift cards. I almost did that again.</p>

<p>Hits this year...Kindle with 45 books on it for DD. She was thrilled to get this. And bags of Hershey's candy (she's living right now where you can't buy Hersheys).</p>

<p>Stay tuned here...we got DS the gloves but he's not awake yet. We're celebrating Christmas this morning because he didn't get here until last night.</p>

<p>LLBEAN fitness fleece hoodie.</p>

<p>Fitness</a> Fleece, Zip Hoodie: Sweatshirts | Free Shipping at L.L.Bean</p>

<p>I gave my daughter one last year and I knew she was wearing it because it showed up in at least three different photos, including a couple from her trip to Africa. It's a very lightweight polyester fleece. Weighs nothing, not bulky, just a bit of warmth, and washes effortlessly.</p>

<p>So I got her a second one this year in a different color and she seemed to be really pleased when she opened it. </p>

<p>Columbia Sportswear makes the same 100 weight fleece, too (I think they call it Glacial fleece), but they don't make it in a hoodie style.</p>


<p>I wasn't sure, but I took a shot at "serious" flashlight for camping along with a supply of the Sanyo Eneloop rechargable AA and AAA batteries for that and her headlamp. It seemed to be a big hit as it was clear she instantly visualized it filling a need.</p>

<p>Hits for my 23 year old son: Lightweight backpacking tent and backpacking stove. He also appreciated "work" clothes he received this year (shirts and ties) for the first time ever.
Hits for my 26 year old daughter: New backpack and red hobo handbag. She also really liked some of the practical items for her apartment ( pyrex baking dishes, measuring cups, towels) that she had been doing without.</p>

<p>Please don't call me a Scrooge...but...pretty high average spent per child based on these successful gifts (don't know how much more it is with the unsuccessful/average gifts!)</p>

<p>I hope all of these kids appreciate the generosity of their parents!</p>

<p>My son loved the Smart Touch gloves ($17 at Kohls with coupon/sale...we don't think that's a lot).</p>

<p>D1's favorite gift: Cooking supplies (measuring cups, spoons, potholders) and a cookbook of Southern favorites.</p>

<p>S2's favorite gift: "Men's Health Magazine" Workout Bible and a compact set of weights that fit in a little case. </p>

<p>Although both liked checks sent my grandparents and aunt!</p>

<p>Misses: Socks and underwear (needed but not quite as exciting as other gifts!)</p>

<p>Hit: D2 bought D1 a set of Bucky Balls. </p>

<p>Other than that, I bought things that the kids asked for and included a website reference with size and color indicated. If you want to get something you'll actually want and use, you better do that, I tell the kids. Make it so that the only thing I have to do is whip out my credit card and pay for it.</p>

<p>Oh, I try to surprise them with some of their gifts. But I'm pretty hit and miss when it comes to successful presents for the kids. (A complete miss with presents to the hubby...)</p>

<p>Hits: books of Mad Libs & Chipotle gift cards (stocking stuffers).</p>

Other than that, I bought things that the kids asked for and included a website reference with size and color indicated. If you want to get something you'll actually want and use, you better do that, I tell the kids. Make it so that the only thing I have to do is whip out my credit card and pay for it.


<p>This is what I do. I have started putting my list together for my mom with links to buy. Couple clicks and done. Problem is when she tries substituting for those items with cheaper items...</p>