<p>I am interested in applying to HKU for their actuarial program. Has anyone heard good things about this program? I haven't taken AP or IB, but my academic average is around 98%. Is there a good chance of me getting in? I hear HKU cares more about academics than ECs. Also, what is the average amount of scholarship money that international students receive?</p>

<p>Hello Rebecca1234,</p>

<p>The acturial programme in HKU is really good. It also priovides you with good job opportunities when you graduate. HK is a good place to be at right now with China 's market blooming and all. And yes HKU does care more about your academic results but having a good EC will help you stand out when your applying to hku.As for the avegare amount of scholarship money that interntional students receive it really varies it can go from HKD10000- HKD60000. Perhaps you can email HKU for more enquiries :)</p>