HKUST and HKU 2012

<p>Hi everyone,
I applied to both HKU and HKUST for an engineering course. Though I do realize that ust would give me a better education in the field of engineering, I wanted to aim more towards a broader education that hku would provide me (I am constantly in touch with one of the employees and i already quite a bit of info about hku, i really like the number of electives you get etc).</p>

<p>So the problem is - hku starts releasing results next week (february 14th), but I might not get it that quickly. On the other hand, I already got an offer from hkust but it says that i need to make my mind by february 24th. What am I supposed to do? Go for ust even though I might still get an offer from hku, which is my first choice, or wait patiently and hope for the best?</p>

<p>And yeah, if someone else applied to either of those, share some info please <3</p>

I am an international student from Bangladesh. recently i have completed my GCE A levels. Today I got a mail from hku ( Faculty of engineering-my first choice) for phone interview. Can you help me on what questions are generally asked in the interview? What are the chances of offering admission to the students getting an interview?
Please tell me something on this.Thank you</p>

Well, as I said, I still didn't get a reply from hku and they did not contact me for a phone interview (engineering is also my first choice). I actually don't know whether an interview in hku is a good or bad sign, really... Either way, they will ask you questions like why engineering? why hong kong? what do u want to achieve? how did you first become interested in engineering? biggest achievement? and so on. My friend also applied there and got an interview (actuarial science), he is going to have it on tuesday. I am still waiting for a reply, really stressful :P</p>

<p>@Gozlen Hey, thank you for your suggestions. I really hope that you soon hear something from them.
Thank of luck :)</p>

<p>hey Anyone here , knows how do you manage Hostels after 2 years ..cause HKUST does guarantee hostel for 2 years only for undergraduate international students</p>