HL - UC-approved Honors Level? Grading Scale?

<p>I'm not from the west coast. No one in my school applies to UCLA. My GC has no experience with UCLA.</p>

<p>With that being said, I started to do the UCLA application.</p>

<p>I got to a point where it told me to list all high school attended with Grading scales.</p>

<p>1) I attended my public high school for all 4 years, but during freshman year summer I took Geometry H at another High school
a. Do I list both my local high school, and the high school that served as Summer School
2) They ask for a grading scale but only give you a few options. ( A B C D F etc.)
b. Should I click other or the (A, B, C , D ,F) option if my school uses both plus and minus on their scales?
3) When I started to fill out my courses, they gave me a very vague option about Honors level courses.
c. HL - UC-approved Honors Level? What are these? What distinction do I give my normal H courses, as well as CP (regular) courses? </p>

<p>Can anyone classify these courses for me (that are familiar with the UC GPA), and if they have time find the UC GPA for me?</p>


<p>9th Grade
Photo 1 A+
3D Graphic Design A-
Technique and Technology (Required 9th grade Computer Course) A-
English 9 Honors B+
Algebra 1 Honors B+
Geometry Honors (Summer School, Diff High School) B-
Phys Ed A+
Health A-
Physics of the Earth CP A+
World Humanities Honors A
Spanish 2 B+</p>

<p>*All electives are CP, as well as Language Courses</p>

<p>10th Grade
Intro to Business A+
English 10 Honors A
Algebra 2/Trig Honors B-
Phys ED A
Drivers ED A
Biology H B+
Chemistry H B
AP US 1 A-
Spanish 3 CP B</p>

<p>11th Grade
English 11 H A+
Math Analysis (Pre Calc) H B
AP Stat A-
Comp Sci 1 A-
Health A+
Phys ED A
Physics H B+
AP Macro A
AP US 2 A</p>

<p>12th Grade (Just Courses, no Grades)</p>

<p>BUS & Personal Law
Computers in Art
SHUPA Creative Nonfiction H
AP Lang and Comp
Calc CP
Phys ED
AP Biology

<p>You list all of the high schools and the courses taken at each one, with the grading scale A B C etc. UCLA does not take into account +'s and -'s. Your classes will not be weighted because they are not UC-approved HL because of OOS (HL is only applied to in state honors courses). In order to determine your weighted UC GPA, only the AP and CC or College courses you took will count as honors.</p>

<p>I don't quite remember if Health counts towards UCGPA, but you are right at a 4.00 either way.</p>

<p>thanks alot man.</p>

<p>I posted another thread, if you could respond to that one as well...</p>

<p>it is also on uc application</p>