HMC Class of 2023 Waitlist

Is there anyone else who has accepted their spot on the waitlist? When do the results usually come out for most people? Are applicants notified if there isn’t any place left?

The school will notify if they close their waitlist.

@intparent Thank you for the information!
I just received an email saying that they have very limited space in their waitlist and ask for everyone’s update to confirm if they are still staying on the waitlist. Is there anyone else struggling xp

im glad that they are accepting ppl though…

Yes, it seems like a good sign if they are asking the question. Numbers likely would be small, but hope it comes through for you!

@sdmareader Same… I think none of the people got off that waitlist last year…

Thanks intparent! It’s great that there’s still chance lol

did anyone get an update from HM that they haven’t accepted any students from the alternate list yet…

@sdmareader I got that update. Did they tell you to send in yet another waitlist update form?


@sdmareader Did you get anything new from them recently?