Hmm, confused?

<p>Ok so I checked my application status, and I'm not sure what kind of messages we're supposed to receive to help figure out whether we have been accepted or not. My status has the following:</p>

<p>Application Status: Complete ready for review
Decision: Application Complete </p>

<p>Doesn't really make sense to me, because in one part it says it's ready for review, but under "decision" it says "application complete"? </p>

<p>So basically does this mean I've been rejected, or imply it in any kind of way? I mean, the decision says the application is complete, yet I don't see "accepted/declined" anywhere, so I'm confused about all of this.</p>


<p>Nah, it means that your application is complete... and it's ready for review... but it hasn't been reviewed yet.</p>

<p>I know it's tough, but just wait a bit longer.</p>

<p>You should try checking your status right now. </p>

<p>I had that for a few weeks while everyone else in my school already knew, but at the end, I was accepted.</p>