Hmm... (regarding UC application, again)

<p>UC schools only count the sophomore / junior year in calculating grades, right? I'm an OOS who is doing the application, and it asks to list all of the grades. Due to a med. condition, I didn't do too well frosh / sophomore year, but my 10 - 11 grade GPA is roughly a 89 - 90, which is a 3.4 - 3.5. However, here is my problem, since I'm out of state, my school does not have the "a - g" rubric. My guidance counselor told me that they'll just average all the grades from my sophomore and junior year. Is this true? I did the preliminary tally, and I do meet all of the requirements in 10th and 11th alone, but I will they count freshman grades if they are a - g classes even though I already fufilled them in my other two years?</p>

<p>Also, if I specify a class as "honors", should I put the weighted grade? Or will the app calculate it for me once they have it????</p>

<p>Thanks a ton.</p>

<p>UCs only count 10-11th grade high school GPAs. Only AP classes for OOS are given one extra point.</p>

<p>Wow, really? Could you show me a link???</p>

<p>EDIT: I'm filing out the app right now, and it says, " All honor courses taken outside of California should be designated 'HL.'"</p>

<p>Honors classes that are outside of California, including AP/IB/Honors, should be designated as Honors or HL. They only use your sophmore to junior year grades for GPA calculation (including weighted). </p>

<p>Also, you put your unweighted grade. For example, I'm taking AP Calculus AB right now and have a B. I would put AP Calculus AB and put B NOT the A.</p>

<p>Here is the link with answer from a UCD admission officer</p>

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<p>I don't think the Davis rep said that ONLY AP/IB course will receive a bonus point (which, by definition, is automatic), but that the applicant should make an informed decision about the rest. Of course, it really doesn't matter that much since the app reader will be one that specializes in OOS apps, and can research the HS currriculum if need be.</p>

<p>blue, out of curiosity, how do they know which course to give an extra point to if they are OOS? I go to uc-pathway to find out for my D but she is in-state.</p>

<p>Found the link
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