Hmmm my gpa sucks

<p>If you have ever read any of posts on this board. You will know I am hardworking student..If you have read anything about me I got D on my Geometry exam after studying so hard and working so hard. Wow, Its amazing. I dont know I got my report card today. Gpa=3.3 Cum 2.7 haha and I wanna go to columbia yea right. I making fun of myself, because you know why I simply give up. I have worked my butt off and it doesnt even show. Wow considering my school is so competitve, I need to work extra hard. I was talking to one of the couselors, because my own couselor never gives me good advice. She was like dont work too hard, I was thinking in my brain, I already am, she was like It's ok sometimes your best is not good enough.. Wow I fel really sad right now...Lord help, Lord really help me..Because I need a miracle to get a higher cum since freshman year was 2.5, and I really didnt care then. Not sophomore year I am such an overachiever and actually care about my grades. I have dig myself out of the whole I put myself into from freshman year. What are some good college besides Ivy.I think I am actually letting Columbia go. It was dream its not going to come true. What colleges are good with theater, that actually take good students.? I thinking even about majoring in psychology?Anyway, I let the Columbia4life go, because It is stupid to think I actually going to get into some college that doesnt even the kids with 4.6 and stuff:(</p>

<p>It's OK to aim high and work high. Just don't kick yourself if you don't make your high goals. You will end up at a higher level if you set high goals, not low, easily attainable ones.</p>

<p>Florida State has an excellent theater program, and is also easier to get into than is Columbia. It also has warmer weather than does NYC. :)</p>

<p>Aim high but widen your search for other schools that may be more realistic choices. There are so many great schools out there for theater and psychology. Goucher College in Maryland also has excellent psychology and theater programs. Some other schools you might look into include Wagner College in NY, LeMoyne in NY, Elon in NC, Rollins in Florida, University of Evansville (Indiana), Niagara (NY), Clark (Mass)Otterbein (OH), and the College of Santa Fe in New Mexico --- but there are many other great schools out there for you as well!</p>

<p>haha... Community college it is for you</p>

<p>Just don't give up. You've come to far from where you started from. Nobody said the road will be easy. (got that from a song. but it sounds real nice to your situation)</p>

<p>If you are putting in a lot of time and still not getting the results you want, you may not know how to study. Not everybody does. Learning how to learn efficiently is a very individual specific skill.</p>

<p>You might want to team up with a couple of successful students and see how they approach a subject. How you study, how often you study, when you study and what is going around you while you study can affect outcome. Do you have a set quiet well lit place where you study at the same time every day? Do you use index cards with definitions/ graphs or other vital information to carry with you so you can review during the day? Do you try to memorize just before sleep? </p>

<p>If you are trying and it isn't working, try doing it differently. consider community college as a safety door to a better four year university or college. Good luck....</p>

<p>I am going to agree with Mr. B about the study skills thing. I think for a lot of people its not that they do not understand the material, its that they do not have effective study skills. </p>

<p>Do you understand the Geometry when you do the homework problems? If you do not completely understand it, does the teacher offer extra help? Are there students at the school that tutor in geometry?</p>

<p>"I was talking to one of the couselors, because my own couselor never gives me good advice. She was like dont work too hard, I was thinking in my brain, I already am, she was like It's ok sometimes your best is not good enough.. "</p>

<p>What kind of school tells a kid something like that???</p>

<p>Follow Mr. B's advice and get a study group together. Some reseach has indicated that in college, black students study more than do students from other racial groups, but a reason that black students' gpas are below other students is that black students study less effectively.</p>

<p>One major thing that other students tend to do that black students don't is to use study groups. We black folks tend to think that individual effort is what helps people succeed. However, in academics, working in groups results in better grades and comprehension than does working alone.</p>

<p>I didn't learn this until grad school. I worked in a group to study for statistics (math is my worst subject) and I also was in a group when I was working on my dissertation. This made such a big difference in my performance. I got encouragement, support, and a lot of good advice and information.</p>

<p>I have given this advice to S, who has for the last couple of months been in a study group, which has greatly helped him in the subject that he's weakest in.</p>

<p>Make sure that the students whom you include are serious about academics, and also can work together. Also let your teacher know that you're doing this. This will let your teacher know that you are very serious about improving. S's teacher was impressed with the effort he and the other students were putting into the class. One of the 3 students in the group was excellent at the subject, and was basically helping out the others because she was their friend. The other two were struggling. The two struggling ones, though, worked hard: They didn't expect their friend to carry them.</p>

<p>We also have tried to go out of our way to be supportive to the student who was helping the weaker students. S is a good friend to her, and I try to do things like give her rides when she needs help getting to activities. </p>

<p>When you're looking at colleges for theater, also look at Carnegie Mellon. Ted Danson, Holly Hunter and Blair Underwood went there. They have merit scholarships and also have a very nice summer program designed to attract URMs to the college. It's for students who have completed soph or junior year. This might be another rearch school to consider.</p>

<p>Besides the study groups, you could also try reading ahead in the book. I would spend maybe 15-20 minutes previewing new material before the lecture in my college CS classes and, believe me, it was the only way I got through with decent grades. My son is now using this method in his AP Calc and Physics classes, and thinks it helps.</p>

<p>Some concepts are better internalized with a few hours of lag time - that's why 'sleeping on it' works.</p>