<p>All my grades are in, except for PACE (the old FAME). But PACE is a S/U grade and they sent an e-mail saying it would be in progress.</p>

<p>I've been trying to schedule more classes (to have a total of 20 credits), and I know that it said that freshman must have a 3.0 after 1st semester grades are in to schedule more than 18.</p>

<p>So why can't I schedule a 5th class? PACE does not say P (in progress) yet. I was wondering if this was the cause.</p>

<p>Nevermind. It somehow worked this time. :)</p>

<p>I was going to fix everything but you got it to work. I fixed it through brain power. Bow at my feet.</p>

<p>Never, Cody!</p>