Ho-hum :(

<p>I've ALWAYS been excited about school stuff (AP classes, academic competitions etc.) but this summer I am taking college PreCalc and Intermediate Algebra classes at a nearby university (I'm a sophomore now) and I HATE it. It's almost every day of summer and I am completely unmotivated to do anything...it just makes me sad to think about it and I feel like my summer is being taken away. Idk...maybe it's because I don't love math (I'm taking it to improve myself in one of my ECs, to get ahead at school in math, to help me with my SAT IIs and to prove to colleges I did something productive over the summer.) And I just hate it already....hum this is me venting. And I think this could be really bad because it makes me unmotivated to do anything (even summer work that I should be doing) and all burntoutish!! This is so pathetic and I hate myself for it!!! OH AND DID I MENTION THAT TODAY WAS JUST THE SECOND DAY!! I feel really pathetic..... So does anyone want to commiserate with me or share advice :( The worst part is that this is SO NOT ME ....I should LOVE stuff like this!!</p>

<p>This is why you should pursue your own passions for EC activities, not what you think adcoms would like.</p>

<p>Can you disenroll? Would your parents consider that option? Could you pay them back by working, if they are footing the tuition bill? </p>

<p>Getting a job, or a volunteer position in something you actually love, would serve you and your future much better. Good luck.</p>

<p>Well, I can't speak for others, but I can tell you that you're not alone in these moments of ho-hum-doldrums. My advice: go find something you REALLY want to do - not something for college admissions - and go do it. I've had enough of trying to cram in internships and whatnot to plump my resume. I'll still intern at places, but it's not for college-related reasons primarily. I do so for personal interest first and foremost, and hope that it'll apply towards college apps somehow. </p>

<p>"Hope" might not be the best word there. Rather, you should find a way to make your likes and dislikes applicable to college apps. Like biking? Start a club, join marathons, fundraise to give bikes to disadvantaged children, etc. </p>

<p>Feel free to denounce me as a lunatic, though. I just feel far too uncomfortable listing down "achievements" that I don't really care for. In fact, I leave them out of my resume entirely.</p>