Hobart President Resigns Amid Plagiarism Charges

Well, what do folks think?


My son had a good visit there last week, and we were excited about this new president.

Just to put a cap on this story, President Vincent has been cleared of plagiarism by UPenn. It’s unfortunate that he stepped down from his post, it’s a great loss to the HWS community.


The linked article doesn’t state that UPenn has cleared him of the plagiarism charge. Perhaps you read that in a different source.

The article says only that UPenn is allowing him to revise his citations, and subsequent to those revisions, his degree will stand. Other scholars opined that this was not an academic misconduct issue, but those scholars are not at UPenn, nor part of the administration there.

I would be interested in reading an official statement from UPenn, if it exists.

Here is the complete University of Pennsylvania Statement. Dean Grossman also stated that Penn will make no further statements since this is a private student matter.

“The University of Pennsylvania takes academic integrity very seriously. Our investigation of the doctoral dissertation of Gregory Vincent, conducted by the University of Pennsylvania Office of Student Conduct, has concluded. Based on recommendations by the faculty, Gregory Vincent will be given the opportunity to make revisions to the literature review portion of his dissertation, under Penn Graduate School of Education faculty supervision, which, when completed to our satisfaction, means his degree will stand.”