Hockey back on track

<p>After a very poor start to the season, the Hockey team seems to be back on track. First, Michigan won the GLI with a convincing 4-2 win over then #3 Boston College and an overtime win over MSU and now just closed out a convincing 2-game sweep of #2 Ohio State with a conbined 8-1 score. Hopefully, we can keep up the pace going into the final third of the season. Winning a 10th championship would be nice!</p>

<p>The team looked great over the weekend. In the outdoor event yesterday evening they clearly were outhustling Ohio to the puck.</p>

<p>There is a lot of parity in the CCHA this year. The six points earned over the weekend moved U-M from the bottom division to third place - only 5 points out of first place.</p>

<p>Let's hope they keep the strong play going!</p>

<p>U-M did not look rusty coming out after the bye week and played some its best hockey in a weekend sweep of Miami. Some pretty good fights too for college hockey last night with nine penalties being doled out with a minute left to go in a 3-0 game. Unfortunately, Chris Brown was suspended for the MSU game on Friday as a result. The problem is other teams are going after Hunwick and the refs are not putting an end to it.</p>

<p>The sweep moved U-M to third place in the CCHA (3 points behind Ferris and 1 point behind Western) and to Number 2 in the Pairwise rankings. The rest of the CCHA is not far behind so Michigan will have to finish strong but the schedule is favorable the rest of the season - next Friday at MSU and Saturday against MSU at the Joe, a home series against 9th place Northern and a road series against last place Bowling Green.</p>

<p>Not bad for what looked to be a rebuilding year. Go Blue!</p>