Hofstra Class of 2023

Good luck everyone!!
ACT: 30
GPA: 3.8 (unweighted)

Anyone knows how long does the school take to release decisions?

I applied on Nov 15. I imagine it’ll be within the next few weeks.

Decisions come out on December 15 for those who applied by November 15th.

Has anyone received their login credentials for the Hofstra portal? We haven’t received ours yet.

We found it!

Is anyone else here a “Select Candidate”??? They said I’d receive my decision within a couple weeks and I haven’t received it yet.

@hannah1789 I was selected too but I’m not sure what that means exactly, just that the application thing is different/easier idk. I haven’t received my decision either and I applied a while ago

@hannah1789 I was a select candidate. I still submitted my application via common app though. Even though we are “select candidates” I believe we still won’t get word about our admission status until December 15th.

@aprilfoolsgirl thank you!! i looked last night after i asked and i saw that date somewhere too.

I was also. It said I was supposed to get an admissions decision within two weeks… suffice to say, i didn’t. I think that we have to wait until Dec 15th

@random57895 that’s what i thought too!!

Nobody is really a “select candidate”. Those are just emails that go to everyone to get them to apply.

@skylarmt I do not agree, the application fee is waived and it’s a slightly shorter application if you go through their website. They also promise a quick decision. Are you a “select candidate”?

@hannah1789 Yes. I applied Nov 15th, but Dec 15th seems quite a long wait for Early Action. I’ve just seen other colleges send “select candidate” emails to get you to apply.

My portal says completed right now. Same for everyone? Looks like people start finding out on the 12th from prior years… GL all

@supersunny36 how do you access the portal? It tells me I need some sort of Hofstra ID #

@skylarmt when you applied you shouldve gotten an email a few days later with your hofstra id information

@random57895 I never got one… I applied Nov 15th

I emailed them & they walked me through how to get mine I believe it was an email? But may have been a letter that gave it