Hofstra to host 2012 Presidential Debate

<p>This fall, Hofstra University will be hosting the second presidential debate on October 16. Hofstra had the opportunity to host the debate in 2008, making this is the second time the Commission on Presidential Debates chose Hofstra to host such an important event. In 2008 the debate was between Senator John McCain and then-senator Barack Obama. This means Obama will once again be present on our campus, this time as president. </p>

<p>As you can imagine it will be a huge year for Hofstra. Students will once again be a vital part of the debate, from volunteering to assist with the event, to attending presentation and speakers to educate ourselves on this year's elect. In 2008, major networks asked students to help them with their coverage of the debate. Students volunteered with everyone from CNN's Anderson Cooper to Fox News. I even have a friend who was asked to pick up John McCain's mother from the airport and bring her to campus. As you can imagine, tickets to the debate will be a hot commodity, but just like in 2008, there will be a lottery system to give more than 300 students the chance to watch the debate up close and in person with prime seating. </p>

<p>If this excites you as much as it does for us already on campus, then make sure to get your deposit in so you can have the opportunity to be involved in such an amazing historical event!</p>

<p>How about Lynn University in FL? They're also hosting it.</p>

<p>I'm now confused.</p>