Hofstra university 5 year accelerated pa program

Can anybody provide insight into Hofstras Accelerated 5 year PA program ?
My Daughter has been accepted and is deciding whether to join the accelerated program or go the tradtional route 4 years under grad and then apply to PA school ? She would only go to Hofstra if she is accepting the PA program, for the traditional route she has acceptances from other schools. Kindly advise if Hofstra would be a good choice ?

In my opinion, being in a direct admit PA program is terrific…if she is absolutely positive she wants to be a PA. Otherwise you run the risk of her not being accepted to a PA program.

Is Hofstra affordable?

If she isn’t sure about her major, and has other schools on her acceptance list…that’s another story.

Hello Thumper1
Thanks for your reply, she is absolutely positive that she wants to be PA, and her thoughts are similar to yours in thinking that she does run the risk of not being accepted to a Graduate PA program later on. My wife and I just worry about her committing to a PA program and then not liking it. In terms of affordability she has recd some Merit based aid and the balance may be doable for us, our primary concern is just making sure that it is a good Program, as there aren’t many reviews online.


Do you know anything about the Hofstra PA program?

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@thumper1, no, I don’t.

I don’t know about Hofstra’s program …but my D has a friend who wants to go to grad school to become a PA and at least some of the grad programs want applicants to work in the medical field for two years before applying (she is working as an EMT now). And after the work experience the PA program is two years. And they are quite competitive. If your D doesn’t do a direct entry program it may be a longer haul than she expects to become a PA. Your D should carefully research the alternative route if she doesn’t do this program.

My Daughter committed to PA accelerated PA program @ Hofstra. Thank you @thumper1 @Nrdsb4 @happy1 for your advise.

Hi Merit29,

I saw that your daughter committed to Hofstra’s PA Program in the fall of 2018. My daughter just got admitted to the 5 year PA program at Hofstra and I was just wondering how your daughter’s experience has been at Hofstra – both in general and specifically in the undergrad portion of the 5 year PA program?

In her cohort, have most of those who came in as direct admit freshmen been able to maintain the gpa to stay on track for matriculation for the grad PA program?

What have been the pros and cons of being a student at Hofstra?

Is safety a huge concern?

Unfortunately we have not visited and probably won’t do so prior to May 1 due to our lack of being able to get vaccinated by then. So any feedback that you and your daughter can offer would be GREATLY appreciated!!!


Hi is your daughter attending Hofstra ? Can you please give me some feedback om the sxhool is general and the orogram ? Thanks much Allison

Yes, my daughter is attending Hofstra. So far, she enjoys the school and likes being part of the PA cohort. During the fall semester, they only have one introductory meeting. But during the spring semester, they have a PA seminar class that brings the whole cohort together. They do a good job of advising the PA students and making sure that the PA students get the required classes they need.