Hofstra University Early Action for Fall 2022 Admission

Hofstra University offers Early Action for freshman admissions.

The Early Action (EA) deadline for Fall 2022 admission at Hofstra University is November 15.

All early action applicants should receive an admissions decision by December 15. Last year, Hofstra University admitted 9,870 of the 12,785 applicants who applied Early Action. The acceptance rate was 77.2%. For more information visit the Hofstra University page on College Confidential.

See updates and discuss results with other Hofstra University applicants.

Are you planning to apply early to Hofstra University? Why Hofstra University? What questions do you have about applying early? Comment in the thread below.

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Hello, my D22 has applied early action to Hofstra. I do not know much about the university. Any thoughts about what you like are appreciated. We have never been to campus, so feel free to describe it. Also, does Hofstra have rolling admissions once an application is complete? Thanks, and good luck to all.

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Has anyone heard back from Hofstra for the fall 2022 admission? Is so, when did your kid apply? Stats please

Hi @hischoolmomof2 , my D22 has not heard back. She applied in mid-to-late August. She has a 32 ACT, 3.9 uw, 4.7 w. How about your student?

I was thinking Hofstra had rolling admissions, but now I think the decision release for EA is in December.

I believe you are on the Pitt thread too! :slight_smile:

@Winky1 - Yes, we’re on the Pitt thread too! He has a 3.98 uw, 35 ACT, NMSF. He applied Oct 1st week and we were told it’s rolling. Guess we’ll have to wait till Dec to find out! Is she trying the BS/MD program as well? I was wondering about the CASPer test - whether he should enroll for the exam upfront or wait for the admission to come through

She has not applied for BS/MD. Her interest is in Hofstra’s 3+3 law program. I think it’s called LEAP?

Perhaps EA decisions are by Dec. 15, and not a hard Dec. 15 date.

Have you visited campus? We have not. If so, please share your impressions. Good luck to your son!

We have not visited the campus yet either. Thanks and Good luck to your daughter as well!

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my D is hopefully finishing her application soon. We loved the campus. Even though a busy road was running down the center of the campus, we could barely tell it was there. the north side of campus has all the dorms and the south side has all the academic building. The have 3 enclosed bridges across the road, the main one is from the libray to the main dining hall. it was a nice combination of old school buildings charm and new buildings.


Thanks @Beammeup , we have been wondering about the highway and main bridge. We’ve been saying we will visit if she gets in with a good, solid package. Best of luck to your D

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I received an email from my D22’s admissions rep (standard letter) on November 2 saying her application was complete and is under review. Anyone else hear anything? No changes in her portal.

No changes in DS’s app as well. It says submitted

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My D22 got her application done in time for EA. The more she reviewed the school and curriculum, the more she is liking Hofstra. But she still did ED to Syracuse at the last minute, under some positive peer pressure from some of her classmates.

Hi everyone, my D22 emailed her admissions counselor to see when decisions would be out since I had gotten that odd email at the beginning of Nov. saying her application was under review. (I got the email, not her). The counselor wrote back and said decisions would be out Dec. 15. Not that this is brand new information, but it just confirms that decisions won’t be out any day, even if you applied early in Aug-Nov before the early action deadline.


Thanks for the info @Winky1. It’s supposedly “rolling” but not sure how they operate. We haven’t heard as well

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Hi everyone. I heard from my DD22 admissions counselor that EA decisions would be coming out Dec 15-20th. Also keep getting emails from the counselor regarding the school, etc… Anyone else getting emails from admissions counselors? It’s very unique that they are emailing me as the parent, and not just the student. Not getting that from any other schools where she applied.


Hi, thanks for sharing. I have also been getting many different emails about Hofstra, opportunities to join virtual events (really for my D22 to join, but there are some parent offerings). They are standard emails, but are from my D’s admissions rep., so I am sure they are the same. Did you get one in early Nov. saying your child’s application was complete and was under review?

Also, as I’ve potsed already, my D did email her rep and ask when decisions will be out, and she was told Dec. 15. Thanks for your additional info.

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Yes, I did get one saying my child’s application was complete and under review.

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My daughter was accepted today : )


Congrats. What’s her major?