Hofstra University

<p>Anyone know about undergrad Business at Hofstra University? Is this school appropriate for the B plus student? Are they generous with merit aid?</p>

<p>I personally do not know much about Hofstra but even though it is farther down on Businessweek's overall rankings, it's listed very high in their "return on investment" rankings (btw, Northeastern's right up there too! ;))</p>

<p>Private</a> Schools: Return on Investment - BusinessWeek</p>

<p>Hofstra gives $ for B students (my friends daughter a B student got $5,000 but note the mom was an alumni. ) My son got $15,000 although he will not be attending. it was still a lot more expensive than our state school, which is highly rated. I was impressed with their accepted students presentation ( s was accepted into the honors college) s didn't want to go because he felt it was too close to home. It is becoming a more highly recognized school. it hosted the presidential debate and will soon be getting a medical school.</p>

<p>mdcissp - interesting possibility. I just glanced at the website and see Hofstra is in the 2011 Fiske Guide - that's a nice compliment. Hillel website looked good. Business offerings looked impressive. I looked at our hs Naviance - looked like a good fit for a B student. Has early action. Transportation options looked good. I think it meets a lot of your criteria.</p>

<p>Its an average college for average student. pretty known in NYC area for its business programs.</p>

<p>see my comments in a thread below.</p>

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<p>It's on our son's list.</p>

<p>I am always wondering, would I better off had I went to Baruch or Hunter, instead of Pace, Hofstra, St. John's or Seaton Hall? That was 30++ years ago, it still bothered me a bit.... Na... its over and done.. life is near at the end.. what do I care... LOL</p>

<p>It's a decent school. Good for business (not amazing but good). You should have no issues getting in with Bs, but merit aid is another story. If you have great grades, you'll get a ton, but I'm not sure about anything other than that. It's local for me, a twenty minute drive and most people in Nassau County (Western LI) who go there commute unless they got sufficient merit aid to pay for room and board.</p>

<p>mdcissp - upon further reflection - why pay more and travel further to attend Hofstra over Towson? It's smaller - but other than that - they seem pretty similar to me in terms of reputation, business majors, etc. Just wondering why one would pay $40,000 for Hofstra if you could be in-state at Towson for $18,000?</p>

<p>I would venture to say that Hofstra to Long Island is what Towson is to that area of Maryland.....</p>

<p>There is a commuter population (not everyone but some), not an enormous out-of-state population, lots of local kids...etc.....</p>

<p>There have been some safety issues on campus (you can search Newsday for specific stories)......</p>

<p>and no, I can't see paying $40,000 for Hofstra over $18,000 for Towson........although locally alumni connections at Hofstra business are quite good.....(and by locally I mean Long Island).....</p>

<p>Close relative attended Hofstra, great NYC internships, and good job opportunities once graduated. Something to be said for being close to NYC.</p>