Hofstra vs. Syracuse

Hi all,
I have a bit of a dilemma where I was both accepted into Hofstra University and Syracuse University. The industry I want to work in is the music industry. The thing is, I didn’t get into my first choice at SU which was Newhouse but instead VPA for communication & rhetorical studies. I also got into Hofstra’s music business major, which was listed as a billboard best program. I’m wondering which school is better for getting a career in the music industry. I’m also a transfer student so I couldn’t get into the Bandier program at SU. Also I like that Hofstra is close to the city so there’s a higher chance of internships at record companies.

Can you afford both without loans?

nope, but I’m also trying to take out as little loans as much as possible

If one is cheaper than the other, then go with that one.
It’ll take a while for you to earn actual money in that field, so that the cheapest program is the best for your future, the one that provides the most flexibility to accept jobs anywhere.

Syracuse has the bigger name and you’d need someone with better expertise in the field to tell you whether Hofstra really delivers on its promises (otherwise, it’s a relatively average, local university).

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You say you didn’t get into your desired program at Syracuse. What does that mean for you? Can you transfer into the program at SU at some point and still get out of there in a reasonable amount of time? It doesn’t really sound like “communications & rhetoric” will help you land a job in your desired field, even if it is from the higher rated of the two universities.

I don’t know what “billboard best” means, but if it means that your job prospects will be higher if you graduate from the Hofstra program, then that would be the one I’d look more closely at.

Are these the only two you have to choose from? I worry that your student loans will far exceed your starting salary in the music business (admittedly, I am not familiar with the music industry but it seems like a field with a long climb to the top).

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At SU, I plan to minor in the music industry but my advisor there said it was a pretty competitive minor to get into. By “billboard best” I meant that Hofstra’s music business program was rated as one of the best music business schools by billboard magazine. Thanks for the advice, I think I’m really leaning towards Hofstra.

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I’m still waiting on my full financial aid package from SU, but I really think I’m leaning towards Hofstra because my major there is definitely more specific towards the industry I want to work in.

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Did you apply to any CUNY or SUNY (Baruch? Purchase?)