Hold on a transcript, how does this work with transferring?

<p>Just some background - I attended a 4-year university as a freshman back in 2010. I did okay my first semester, but then I was academically dismissed after my third semester. I promptly enrolled at a local community college. I informed them that I had previously attended the university. They asked for my transcript, but I was unable to get it due to having a financial hold on my account (I owed $2800 in tuition). Fast forward to now, and I am attending a different community college, but I would like to transfer back to a 4-year university as I am close to having the funds to paying off the financial hold.</p>

<p>My question is this - how will this affect me transferring? Neither CC had my transcript from the university, but I was still receiving aid. I have thought about not including the first transcript, but have heard that if I am caught I could be dismissed after enrollment. </p>

<p>Will this affect my ability to get aid at the new 4-year? Also, if I want to take another semester at the CC, should I send them my transcript from the first 4-year or just send it to the new 4-year? Thanks. Sorry if my questions are confusing,</p>

<p>You will eventually need all of the previous transcripts to enroll at a four year school (i.e. you need to pay off the debt to get the previous school to release your transcripts). The CCs may not care because they are open admission.</p>

<p>I will be getting the debt paid withing a couple of months. When I do get my transcript, should I send that to my current CC? Or will that make me ineligible to receive aid because I did not include it when I enrolled? </p>