Holiday breaks during college days.

<p>Hello everyone, this is an original aspiring question that I would like to ask all of you for those who are in college (I don't care if your in community college, state universities, city colleges, private, or Ivy leagues). But I would like to know if all of you have alot of homework or projects to complete over Holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, or Spring Breaks in Spring Semester. Do some of you get lucky sometimes with not getting assignments from the professors? If college attempts to give work during the vacations, are they suppose to be very long?</p>

<p>Well we never get anything over Christmas since it's between semesters. Over Thanksgiving or Spring break there's usually some reading of some kind to do, but I've never had to write a paper during a vacation or study for an exam...most of my professors would schedule exams for right before a break so we wouldn't really have any real work to do over break.</p>

<p>Maybe my experience is lopsided because most of my classes have been science/business/math, but for me most of my work was either labs or midterms. There aren't any labs over break, of course. And you study for exams at your own pace.</p>

<p>So, for me, it was mainly studying for midterms that had been scheduled after spring break. Other than that, I was never assigned specific homework that needed to be completed over break--except maybe a minor assignment or quiz. </p>

<p>Regardless, winter/summer breaks fall between 2 semesters at most colleges, so you shouldn't have any mandatory school work then.</p>

<p>Over Christmas I don't get anything because for us it is also between semesters, everything else the word "break" is laughable.</p>

<p>Yeah usually a decent amount of work over Thanksgiving/Spring</p>

<p>I had essays and projects over Thanksgiving and Spring Break, and most of my professors scheduled exams for the first two weeks after each of those breaks. The only time I actually got off was Christmas since it's between semesters.</p>

<p>Wow, that's great. Thanks everyone.</p>

<p>Christmas/winter break, there was obviously no work since its between terms. I also didn't have any work over Spring Break. But then again, my school is on the quarter system so Spring Break is between 2 quarters :3</p>

<p>Oh btw Thanksgiving Break is a b*tch when it comes to's right before finals >:O</p>

<p>what are these 'breaks' you speak of? The only one i know of is inbetween semesters...</p>

<p>Usually it's just do the preparation you need to do for exams.</p>

<p>Thanksgiving and Spring break usually fall right around midterms so there is often a lot of work leading up to them and a lot of work that is due after them. Also profs often schedule exams for either right before or right after breaks and expect you to use your break time to study.</p>

<p>...I don't remember.</p>


<p>Can't you tell I've had an eventful college experience? :D</p>

<p>yeah thanksgiving/spring break in terms of hw really stink (you either have a ton of exams/papers due right before the holiday or a ton of exams/papers due right after). But thank god, christmas and summer breaks you are free without any cares in the world! (homework related, that is)</p>

<p>I do more academic work during summer than I do during the school year.</p>