Holiday Gift Idea for Assistant?

I have an administrator who has only been working for my company for about 6 months. I feel like I am still getting to know her bc I work from home most of the time (seriously - not even sure if she is a Dunkins or Starbucks person!). Any ideas for a holiday gift and good price range? I was thinking about a basket from Bath & Body Works (she was mentioning needing hand lotion in the dry weather) but not sure if that is too personal? She is young - about 27 and single.

I would get a gift card rather than buy a specific item. Is there someone else at the company you can ask to find out what stores/restaurants she likes?

do a bath and body works gift card

My kids in that age range would enjoy a food/drink related gift card over B and B Works. B and B Works is ok, but if you already have a favorite scent or product you buy somewhere…

My 21, 27 and 30 year old D’s and DIL LOVE Target. Great for apt home decor, nice range of beauty products, etc. Going to Target is their idea of a fun field trip.

I’ll second Target. My own adult D has actually said “if anyone asks, Target” she can purchase just about anything there.

An American Express Gift Card. Doesn’t limit to a particular store.

Amazon card.

We buy Target gift cards for all of our staff each year. As has been said, there is a wide selection if items from groceries to electronics.

Ditto on the gift card idea- to a more general place like Target or a Visa/American Express card that can be used many ways. As to the amount- find out the norms for your company. You don’t want to be the stingy or far too generous boss.

You can’t go wrong with Target. Bath and Bodyworks is not something everyone likes- just walking past the store will trigger a migraine for those of us who are sensitive to scents. Many young women would also like a Sephora gift card, but Target suits just about everyone.

Thanks for the ideas. I didn’t know if a gift card looked like I didn’t put in any effort but that might be the way to go. I know she orders from Amazon a lot.

If you know she orders from Amazon then do that.
Something fun is a hand salt scrub–you can even make your own. So luscious!

I would not get something friom Bath and Bodyworks or a GC from there—unless you know she loves it. I would get a Amex/Visa or Amazon GC. Agree with comment anove—find out what the typical amount co-workers are spending on gifts to their assistants.

I would advise against Sephora or similar—many of us don’t patronize that store either. Sad to waste a gift card or have to sell or regift because it’s not a store we use.

If the person wears makeup on a regular basis, a Sephora gift card would be quite appropriate. It is relatively easy to tell if the gift recipient is into makeup or not. :slight_smile:

I agree with @Bromfield2. Bath and Body works is not for everyone. I dislike all of their scents. Go for something neutral, like Amazon or TJMaxx.

I concur with everyone else! Another option, local grocer. Everyone needs to eat, and you’d be surprised how appreciated something like that would be.

My sister always loves this time of year - she always inherits all the bottles of wine that find their way to my desk. :slight_smile: