Holiday shopping 2022

Looks like Nespresso had one but it is already sold out?!

ETA: that was 2021 one. The 2022 will be apparently released on September 27th. Good one for our new son in law. :slight_smile:


So the Bonne Maman calendar. The people I would gift it to are not local to me. I would have to mail it to them. I’m assuming it’s heavy with all those jars. I could send it to them directly from Amazon, but I’m guessing it would be sold out by November??

The distance issue is one of the reasons I’m trying to get out of gift giving. I either order from a catalog type company and/or have to deal with shipping costs. If I thought they wanted the gift I wouldn’t mind but it all seems so impractical. As does just exchanging gift cards unless it’s for someplace unique which I’m out of ideas.

I’m thinking gift memberships this year - maybe MoPop again for son, Brooklyn Botanic Gardens for nephew and fiancée, and something in Madison WI for niece. She likes crafts and nature so I will investigate. I would do Seattle Japanese Garden for son but they don’t seem to have online way to buy gift annual passes so I might call them in November. No rush on buying these!


@Marilyn I like the idea of memberships. I find a lot of the young people would rather have experiences rather than “stuff”.

Also, If you know someone is traveling you can gift them an “experience” - a tour, meal,etc. specific to where they are traveling.


I was thinking about zoo memberships for D1 and her fiance.


My Bonne Maman calendars came in. They are definitely heavy. :slight_smile:

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I have two who would enjoy this - a lot! Wonder what the price is?

Good question! I guess we will find out soon. Should be about or under $40 I hope based on the price of individual capsules.

Did Bonne Maman make a Hanukkah set of 8 preserves?



You can specify when you want the calendars sent but run the risk that yes, they will run out of the calendars.

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I love that!

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Gosh this one is really tempting too!

I think this was meant for @one_two.

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Those are so cute! I think I’m going to order for stocking stuffers.

Regarding the advent calendars… I give mine in person to family I see at Thanksgiving and ship directly to others and tell them not to open until Thanksgiving (even though it’s no surprise… but I do switch up the themes… last year was teas). We do what I’m sure many others do and go around the table telling what we’re thankful for and I give the calendar then. We zoom or call other family and they open theirs then.

As a side note, I also read Lincoln’s Proclamation 106 which called for a day of Thanksgiving the last Thursday in November. In his Proclamation, the President alluded to the ongoing Civil War in his words “civil strife.” He referenced those suffering loss as a result of the conflict, and appealed to “heal the wounds of the nation.” Seems just as relevant today, unfortunately.


Teas @DramaMama2021 ? I’d be interested in that for my family.

Last year I found them at World Market.

Oh darn. We don’t have World Market anywhere near us.

The ones I shipped I ordered online and had them send to the recipients. (So I didn’t have to deal with shipping myself. :grin:)

But I bet others here may suggest other sources.

IKEA had advent calendars yesterday. $14 and it was largely different chocolate treats (think like the Russell Stover’s candies) each day.