Holiday Travel Weather Watch

<p>Some CCers may remember the Christmas a few years ago when weather impacted so many flights from the East Coast. My DS was in Boston trying to get home for Christmas. After two days of trips to the airport and being turned away I was able to weasel him onto a First Class seat on American and get him home for the holiday.
This year he is flying home from Boston via Denver to LAX on Wed and flying back Lax to Boston via Chicago (ouch) on Monday. Of course, in the working world now and only those days off.
I have googled around and so far so good for weather forecast in the various cities. He is flying SW on a voucher from a voluntary bump I took this summer. Of four cross country flights this summer I was offered compensation to take the bump on three. Flights are overcrowded more than ever.
So...anyone want to join me on the holiday weather watch and prayer? Who else has someone flying home in the next days.....</p>

<p>Hoping for clear skies and no bad weather on Christmas day when DS is flying home from Phoenix. I don't give a hoot about a white Christmas. Screw that.</p>

<p>D2 is flying home from western NY state via Atlanta. (Only other choice is OHare--which she only uses in the late spring thru early fall.) Atlanta usually works OK, but last January's ice storm closed Atlanta the day (and in fact almost for the entire week) she was due to fly back to school. She went thru OHare instead with no issues....go figure!</p>

<p>I learned to always buy flight insurance for her for mid-winter travel.</p>

<p>Snowing hard here today, but the storm should pass by tomorrow morning. The rest of the week looks good at both ends of her trip plus her change over city.</p>

<p>LOL! My boss is a professional meteorologist (and former TV weather reporter) and she promised D2 would have no weather-related issues on her way home this week. Boss has some very, very good modeling software and does forecasts for me every time I or any of my family travel. She's only missed the mark once in 5 years.</p>

<p>ebeeeee, hugs. Of course, I remember how D's Jetblue flight took a 90-degree turn on my computer screen and then disappeared, and the JetBlue agents were trying to reassure me that the plane was OK. :eek: D and I were discussing that infamous break of 2008 as I was driving her home from the airport last Saturday.</p>

<p>D flies in from SA on Weds., non-stop to Midway. Should be OK. Hoping the same for the return leg on 1/5. She gets a pretty good vacation for someone in the working world for only 5 months.</p>

<p>BB, yes I remember you were part of the CC watch on that 2008 flying fiasco...praying for better weather all around this season especially sine last year DS didn't get home at all. I need good karma.
Thank goodness DD drives home and is already here.</p>

<p>Well here we go. No weather issues but SW still didn't get out of Boston on time. So...90 minute layover is now 25. Fingers crossed...</p>

<p>One of my two came home yesterday, the oldest is working at first job and didn't want to come home on a quicky was the first holiday break in years where either we were driving through a blizzard to pick up or kid was stuck somewhere waiting for a connection. It was bliss this week. Now it can snow so we can ski and play in the snow with the kids. I hope the good weather holds for everyone who is waiting for kids to arrive.</p>

<p>DS is driving from Seattle to Oregon, tonight-Wed. Maybe drizzle, PNW is in a Dec drought.
Returning Christmas, maybe rain. Then going to SFO, expecting sun.</p>

<p>ebeeeee, I'm keeping fingers crossed for your son. SW is very efficient - they will most likely hold planes at the gates for folks who are running late due to the delayed first leg of their trip. I once made my flight to Seattle with only a 5-min layover in Midway.</p>

<p>didn't hold flight. Weather in Denver is nasty and supposed to be through Tuesday. I am so upset....his plane went to Texas, supposed to go back to Denver tonight and then on to LA in the morning. my worry is that if weather in Denver gets worse...sick to my stomach. Last Christmas he didn't get home at all..I was counting on this.</p>

<p>Cyberhugs, ebeeeee. I know that this is was a "free" ticket, but next time, if you have to pay, fly him on Alaska to SEA or PDX and then to LA. Alaska seems to know how to fly in extreme weather conditions. Keeping fingers crossed for your son.</p>

<p>I am kicking myself for using the voucher and going through Denver. should have paid for a direct flight on Virgin. he is now in Denver and headed to a hotel for four hours. hoping to charge phone with only USB charger- no plug. Shuttle service to airport. Hotel guy says weather there is terrible and supposed to get worse. prayers for getting out of there tomorrow</p>


<p>Sorry to hear about that. D's SW flight yesterday was delayed due to fog in Chicago, but she is home now. You are right. The outlook for Denver is not good.</p>

<p>Remembered that d had a layover in Denver on the way from PDX to Nashville (to see BFs family) wrote her message advising her to change flight.
Then double checked email and saw it was * Dallas* on the way to, Denver isn't until their return flight on the 28th.
:o. Whew!</p>

<p>Atlanta may have heavy rain and a few thunder storms this afternoon but should be clear tomorrow and through the weekend -- unless the weather people get it wrong which they sometimes do.</p>

<p>The kids are coming home today. S is boarding in TX right now. Has to go through DFW to Chicago O'Hare. Crossing my fingers, this one has the worst luck. Of course he's taking the long way home since he procrastinated buying his ticket until the last minute. The D is driving in from the east coast. I think she will be fine.</p>

<p>And my elderly parents are driving up I-75. I see rain and hope they will be fine. They are the ones I'm most worried about. Sigh!</p>

<p>I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a LOVELY travel day on Sunday...for my kid. Of course I hope all the rest of you have good travel days too!!</p>

<p>We are traveling to Portland OR, tomorrow by train- hope it goes well- D2 went yesterday and she had her travel time doubled because of construction on the tracks.
I am * so glad* we weren't traveling with her- she doesn't like trains- too slow for her, she prefers * especially* bumpy air travel. </p>

<p>However, at least on a train you can get up & walk around- the reason why we aren't driving.</p>

<p>Absent a car with driver I would always prefer the train. Here we nave one that runs along the CA coast. Beautiful.<br>
Update, DS is finally in air between Denver and LA. We have reservations tonight for a family dinner for DH and my 25th wedding anniversary so I am relieved. It was a rough night. Lessons learned, direct flights only (I knew this but I cheaped out), my usual plan of calling the minute I smelled a problem works. Rebooked on first flight out this am, by the time flight landed in DEN last night that flight had sold out. Platinum status with two hotel chains was a great help. booked hotels for DS and DH who was waiting in LA. DS learned to never travel without a wall charger. He spent the night in the hotel business center charging his iPhone with a USB cable.</p>