Hollins Class of 2022

Hi so I was just accepted into the Hollins class of 2022 and was wondering if anyone else had heard back yet? Also does anyone know when scholarship information comes out? Thanks!

Congratulations! I just applied to Hollins through the EA program (needless to say, I am so unbelievably nervous)! I’m supposed to hear back in two weeks. What scholarships did you apply for?

Thanks so much! I’m sure you will be fine! I didn’t have to apply for one, they automatically consider you for some of them except the full tuition Secular Scholar. I got the Hollins Scholar Award though so that was exciting! Wishing you luck!

Hiiii, I also applied to Hollins and have also been named a Hollins Scholar! I kinda forgot to apply to the Secular Scholarship ( oops :confused: ) Does anyone know when we get our financial aid packages??

I also received an acceptance from Hollins! For the full ride scholarship, we would have to attend the Distinguished Scholars WEekend in Feb. to compete for it.

Hey everyone! So… I recently got an email regarding further information on AP/IB credits, but it begins with, “Congratulations on your recent acceptance!” However, I still haven’t gotten anything in the mail? Or in my email? And on my app portal there is no link to see an “admissions update” or anything. What did you guys get?

I got a letter in the mail and an email with a link to check an admissions update. I would call the school and see if they can resend the information to you.

Does anyone know how much need-based financial aid Hollins typically gives out? on the financial aid information they sent to me it seemed to imply that students on average only pay about $11,000 a year.